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Geez remark, that sounds like a pretty awful birth.  I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I hear where you're coming from about not wanting anything like the previous birth.  I'm absolutely there too.  I'm planning a VBAC but am at peace with the idea of a c-section if it doesn't work out.  I just don't want it to be anything like last time, either way.  Have you seen that there's a caesarean subforum now?  In a way it sucks because a lot of the VBACers or VBAC-hopefuls have moved over there to chat, but it also sort of signals some of the changes here at MDC and gives a place to ask those c-section questions....  Anyway, OT, but just wanted to mention it.



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I realized that I have been quickly reading but not really updating here at all for awhile. Sorry for everyone who is sick or having sick families. It will be nice when this time of year has passed. Aside from a couple of short lived viral things here, we have been pretty healthy which I am super thankful for. 


I have been really warm at night. We have the thermostat set to 54 for night and while I know that it doesn't get down that cold upstairs where the bedrooms are, it can't be as warm as I feel like it is. I have been sleeping most nights with just a sheet and lighter jammies. Winters past I wore sweats to bed with a down comforter and a thick duvet over the top. If my husband or son is in bed with me I usually have my arms or a foot out to stay comfortable. I don't really have issues during the day at all though.


I have been surprisingly comfortable otherwise. We found out last week that baby girl remains breech and also posterior. Which I was pretty sure was the case. I have been working on getting her into a good position. Sitting on the floor primarily and I am getting a exercise ball today. I started seeing a chiropractor right away also. I think that she has turned, but it is somehow really hard for me to tell right now. She is transverse nearly every morning now and I have been getting stronger movements at the top but then sometimes will feel something down low that feels like it might be a foot. I know that there is plenty of time for her to get into an optimal position, but I have sort of had a feeling all along that positioning would be an issue for us. My MW said that they haven't attended a breech birth in about 5 years because all of the babies have been flipped prior to birth, so I am hoping that I am not the one that can't be. Honestly though, the idea of her being posterior is a little more unnerving for me that her being breech. 


Finally had another conversation with my mom about her not being here during labor. I think that she heard me this time as she has been making passive aggressive comments about it ever since. The last thing that I told her was that she would get a phone call from someone when I was ready to push. She lives just about 7 minutes drive away and works about 15 minutes away, so there is a good chance that she would be in the house for the birth, but I don't want her up in the business end of things regardless of where it happens. The whole thing is driving me crazy with her.


We also hired a doula, who is a friend of mine who is completing her certification early this spring. She is only going to be working with families that she already knows and is charging only the costs of care for her children. I think it will be pretty ideal. She lives super close by and I feel comforted having someone to call who can be here fast and that I don't have to feel bad about calling too early. I really have this fear of calling my midwives too early and having them have to hang out and wait forever. Which I am sure is not even a thing to be worried about but I cannot stop myself. 

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Yikes. I guess we’ve all run into some bad something lately, huh? Is this normal (this is my first pregnancy) at this point, or is it the time of year?

My dad came this weekend and we got a LOT of house stuff done. Not everything, but what’s left is almost all minor and if it didn’t happen before the baby arrived it wouldn’t be a big deal. My favorite ones are having the underfloor heating in our bathroom work (no more frozen toes!) and getting a little nook that can be our stationary/calendar/messageboard area, which we desperately need. And I’m hitting the paperwork stuff one pile at a time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it all done before the kid feels like making an appearance!
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