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Baby quirks

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This past month, dear babe has developed some serious personality and preferences.  For example, no matter what is wrong, nothing makes her happier then being held above your head.  Laying down, standing up, doesn't matter as long as she is up high.  She has also discovered the animals and will get mad when she wants them to pay attention to her and they are not.  When we have bath time she will fuss if DH isn't sitting on the side of the tub.  The floor beside the tub will not do.  She has very specific favorite songs (Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley, Mockingbird by Eminem, Dani California by RHC, Scarlett Begonias by Grateful Dead, Workers Song by Dropkick Murphys), if music is playing, it should be one of these.  We are slowly gaining to the collection of acceptable tunes.  She gets very excited by the theme to The Colbert Report.  I think because it used to coincide with no harness time. 


What makes your little one tick?  What royally pissed them off? 


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1. the computer is a bad thing

2. she ONLY wants to stand. Isn't that bad for her? Don't tell her that.

3. she likes me to jiggle her legs while she is laying down. This is very funny.

4. static is music to her ears

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Claire ONLY wants to stand, too.  Like, all the time.  DD1 was the same way and I used to worry so much about her leg/hip development....and then she walked at 9mo.  So I'm not worrying about it this timelol.gif



She also wants to sit up on her own...crunch style.  So whenever you stop helping her stand and (horrors) lay her down, she will just try as hard as she can to sit up.  And she gets pretty close to it sometimes bigeyes.gif


Otherwise, she's pretty mellow about everything else.  

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Beth, that's funny about the sitting crunch style. Iona does it too. When she sat unassisted last week (briefly) my dh thought that she had pulled herself up and sat down. Clearly, he's absolutely nuts to have thought that, but I thought it was funny! On the standing note, you're probably right. DS was an early walker, though not 10 months, not 9--that's early! We got out the johnny jump up for Iona and stuck a dictionary under it. She loves it!

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Dd does the crunching to try to sit up thing too. She works soooo hard at it!


She loves her mama. If I am in the room she knows exactly where I am at all times. If I am moving around her eyes follow every move. She's not particularly happy about me leaving the room but will tolerate it for short bouts.


She does. not. stop. moving when she is awake. I know when she wakes in the night 'cause the legs immediately start going - I am seriously in trouble when she starts crawling!


She loves the gym. I swear the girl sleeps better at the gym than anywhere else. Any other place I bring her as soon as the car stops she is awake & ready to get out of her carseat but at the gym she peaks around, cuddles in & goes back to sleep. Something about heavy metal music & weights crashing is soothing to her!


Oh, I could go on & on. I just adore the girl!

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1. Landon doesn't like to stand. Ever. lol

2. His favorite thing to do is lay on his back on the floor. He does this for hours everyday.

3. He will only nap in his carseat, yet sleeps great in his crib at night. Don't know why he hates his crib during the day.

4. He hates when I raise my voice (like if I'm at work and trying to talk to one of the kids that are upstairs or in the basement) he gets this really sad face and starts to cry. poor guy. I try not to do it, but sometimes I forget.

5. He loves static/white noise.

6. He hates being on his tummy.

7. His hands/fists are in his mouth constantly



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Julia loves to stand, and often she'll fuss if people try to cuddle her in any kind of reclining position.  Also she likes to play with my boobie, putting her mouth over my nipple but not latching then going AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH MA MA MA BA BA BA BA BA etc.  She also loves it if we touch her lips while she's talking and help her make funny noises.


Also loves:  socks with bows on the toes.  So fun to grab.

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Ohh let's see..


Calliope loves her hands. She always has them in her mouth.. sometimes even gagging herself. lol

She starts shouting when she's getting sleepy and/or bored. (usually with her hands in her mouth)

She loooves her mama. ;) Really, she does.

She is SO HAPPY. Such a sweet, personable little girl. She's so mellow and smiley. Love her. <3

She loves to stand. It's hard to put her in a sitting position most times.

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Oh, and she LOVES to watch me dance.

And she's ticklish on her belly.

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elora ADORES her big sisters. they almost always make her in a better mood. she likes to hold her feet and roll around, she is extremely talkative(which with 3 big sisters isn't surprising lol). she has a very animated face. she smiles and laughs alot in her sleep. she rarely will sit when playing and wants to stand mostly. she likes being physically played with (tumbling and rolling with us on the bed) she constantly grins and squeals at the dogs and tries to grab them.

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