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I know pseudoephedrine/Sudafed can cause a supply hit and consequently isn't recommended in breastfeeding... does anyone have experience with taking this while breastfeeding? Please share! (Note, I am not interested in hearing the alternatives for nasal congestion. I'm well aware of them. I'm interested in knowing how bad this particular consequence has been, so I can decide if I want to take the risk or not. Because nothing. else. works. as well, and Sudafed used to be my wonder drug, before I was breastfeeding.)

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Hi mama! Just anecdotal but I have used it while BF and didn't have problems. I think it's kind of an "all things in moderation" type deal -- as long as you're taking it for a short amount of time, like for a few days to get you through a cold, I bet you'll be fine. Now if you needed to take it every day for months for some reason, that would probably be different.

I say try it and if you notice a supply problem, just discontinue it. I don't think it could permanently harm your supply -- I think you could certainly undo the damage pretty quickly & easily if you had any problems.

And I TOTALLY agree that sometimes its the only thing that will work! When I have sinus problems I'm like, screw natural remedies, I NEED DRUGS! orngbiggrin.gif Hope it helps, feel better soon!
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I used Sudafed when my DS was about 8 months old and I had the worst cold (maybe sinus infection) that I've had in years. I only used it at night because I can survive without during the day. I did experience a supply drop for about a week after using it - BUT I just noticed the drop when pumping. DS did not seem to have any issues nursing. The supply drop was severe enough that I contacted an IBCLC about it, but I didn't end up taking an drastic measures to bring the supply up. I think it just recovered on its own. (I got by using my freezer stash of milk to supplement my pumped milk until it came back.)


For the record, I actually never considered the supply drop to be an effect of the Sudafed until I read your message. I always just thought it was a consequence of the illness. In fact, I still think it was probably mostly the illness, but I suppose Sudafed could have played a minor role.

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Thanks for the responses, ladies. I decided to take my chances. I took a dose of regular-release pseudoephedrine last night and one around noon today (and contemplating another now). I haven't noticed any changes in my supply. I pump to donate (though I can't donate while taking this) and have boosted my supply to where I pump 4-5 ounces each evening. I just pumped the same amount as I have been pumping, and there's been plenty of milk for my daughter. So I seem to have been mostly unaffected! My breasts don't feel quite as full as they ordinarily would at this time, but I'm sure there is plenty there for her when she next gets hungry.

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So glad to hear this isn't affecting your supply! Can you come back and post in a few days to tell if there is still no effect or not? I am on the tail end of a horrible cold/cough/congestion and was too scared to take anything out of fear of losing my supply. Thanks!

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To follow up, my supply bounced back after I got better and stopped taking the drug. I don't know as I'd recommend this to someone with supply troubles, but my supply has always been good.

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Originally Posted by erigeron View Post

To follow up, my supply bounced back after I got better and stopped taking the drug. I don't know as I'd recommend this to someone with supply troubles, but my supply has always been good.

Really helpful to know - thanks for posting.


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I took it once while pumping as I had forgotten it wasn't recommended and it did have an effect but someone who didn't track their pumping output with excel (yes I am a geek) might not have been able to tell, but like any drug, they affect people differently. For someone pumping a lot or already with supply issues, I wouldn't recommend it just to be safe, but it doesn't affect everyone the same way.
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