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8 dpo symptoms after HSG scan????

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I have been having weird stomach feeling since a couple of  dpo.

im now 8 -9 dpo I'm soon hungry  I had a meal at 8pm, starving couple hours ater. I'm urinating more and having difficulty sleeping at night.

i had a HSG scan done, 7 days after this  I ovulated. I'm convinced I'm pregnant but my test just came back negative. Was it to early or would it still show. I have never had these feelings before, an advice would be gr8 :-) My period is due 14th.

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Do you know when you ovulated?  Do you chart your basal body temp and cervical fluid?  If not do you recall when you had fertile fluid- creamy or eggwhite in consistency?  This could help us pinpoint O better.  Otherwise, you really don't know when O occurred as it can change cycle to cycle based on what is happening in your life: illness, injury, stress, travel, diet and exercise changes, etc. can all delay O and therefore delay AF.  But, if you expect AF on the 14th and we assume an average length luteal phase of 12-14 days, then we might assume O to have occurred on Feb. 1st-3rd.  So, that would make you 5-7dpo today.  Implantation occurs between 6 and 12dpo, but 84% of the time between 8 and 10dpo.  So the odds are that if you are indeed pregnant that the embryo has not yet implanted.  The embryo does not start producing measureable amounts of hCG until it has implanted.  When did you say you had the blood test?  It is very likely that it was done too early and I'm surprised that a doctor even ordered one considering where you are in your cycle.  Strange. Once enough hCG has been produced then symptoms show up.  So your symptoms at a couple of dpo were also too early.  IF you ovulated when you think you did, then an HPT will be accurate in a week, though if implantation was on the earlier side then you could get accurate results a bit earlier.  I would suggest getting a pink dye, NON +/- type test like First Response Early Response and try testing with first of the morning urine in a few days.  If you get a negative, then try again a few days after that- always with first of the morning urine.  Good luck and keep us posted!  You might find some extra support by posting in one of the other TTC threads in this forum where other women are waiting to test as well!

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I started getting really bad ovary pains and discharge 29th. I have never felt myself ovulate before so I took that as a good sign, they just stopped couple days ago. maybe hsg scan helped in some way. My tubes were clear but doc says I gave mild pcos, on next appointment he will start fertility treatment. Hopefully I might not need it! it was a pregnancy test I did not a blood one.  I'm sure it's to early to show even if I was but I've never had these feelings before!   O also the area around my nipples us getting bigger which is weird :-s.


Thanx 4 ur response il just have 2 b patient :-)

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Before starting fertility treatments, I would highly recommend charting to see what is truly happening with your cycles.  If you have mild PCOS, this suggests that you have some cysts on your ovaries.  While this type of cyst may not ever cause pain or other symptoms, they could have caused the pain your felt this cycle.  With this in mind, the pain your felt does not necessarily mean you ovulated or ovulated on the 29th.  Especially since the pain just subsided, that does not sound like ovulation pain to me.  At any rate, PCOS is one of those diagnoses that is given out pretty commonly when there appears to be something going on with your hormones, cysts, etc.  I doesn't mean you will necessarily need fertility treatments.  What it may mean is that you have not been ovulating as regularly or when you think you have been and therefore may not have been timing sex well.  Charting will clear this up for you!  If it were me, I would want to know more about what's happening in my body before starting a drug treatment.  If you'd like more information about charting, just post!

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