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I had to resort to using a cold washcloth on my sleepy newborn. My midwife was worried about his weight loss. I woke him by stripping him down to his diaper (and I was topless) and then putting a cool cloth in his back.


As soon as he started to nurse more often (because I woke him) he actually started to wake more to nurse.


good luck!

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She needs to wake up and eat so she can grow. Are you undressing her down to her diaper? Like pp said a cold washcloth, tickling her feet, and blowing gently on her tummy might help.

Can you pump to keep your supply up? Do you have a lactation consultant to call for help?

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definitly pump to maintain supply, I've heard babies fall asleep more from lack of milk than tiredness, so you could try squeezing your breasts, my youngest was the sleepiest of all mine and she ended up having a posterior tongue tie and she wasn't transfering much milk at all - might be somethign worth looking into...I would try to at least call or email a LC for suggestions and ideally see one to have the baby's latch and suck evaluated.

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eat a ton of oatmeal to stimulate more supply. are you cosleeping with her? 


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