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x-posting in nighttime parenting


I eliminated dairy when my 15 month old was a newborn. He seemed to improve in his gassiness/fussiness, and his brother had a similar sensitivity. Recently, I have been adding dairy back into both of our diets (about the last 3 weeks). He does not get a lot, but maybe some cheese or yogurt each day, and I occasionally have a bit of cheese, a scone from time to time, and am simply not as strict as I used to be.


Lately he has had more nightwaking than before. He used to wake up around 10:45 to nurse, then around 2, then around 5:30 (we struggled for a long time with this as his wake up for the day time). Now, he is up at 10:45, has unstable sleep 1-3 or so, and is getting up at 5;30 again. Sometimes he is crying when he wakes, and other times, he is very, very wakeful, as in tossing and turning for up to 2 hours. I try to help him, but he cries if I do too much. Sometimes, he starts to try to get up and walk around. Then, I put him in the crib, which causes him to cry, to which I respond by rocking him. It is exhausting!  And, of course, there is always a confounding factor, like teething, or sickness (though actually right now, he has neither of those things).


So, I guess I should try to do complete elimination again an see if things improve. As I know (but have been in denial about) it ccan take a while for him to respond, so if he's really sensitive, it would take a couple of weeks for the dairy to leave his system.


Anyway, I just wanted to see if this was a symptom for anyone else's baby!


And yes, that is the ONLY symptom (well, there was some runny green poop last night but that was the first time since dairy introduction that there was anything unusual in the poop).