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Where is your baby? (in the uterus)

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My baby consistently hides down in the very bottom left hand corner of my uterus - almost behind my pelvic bone. I have some pretty big fibroids on the top right and back right - but the midwife doesn't think they are in the way.

I've felt all my twinges and discomfort on my bottom left - since thinking I might be preggers at 6dpo. When the midwife searched for the HB with the doppler - based on the size of my uterus and couldn't find it - I told her to try low left - and sure enough.. beating away.


So where is your babe hiding? I hear they move all the time - doesn't seem like mine is too adventurous yet.

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My doc found the heartbeat in the low middle, sort of in between my two pelvic bones.  It was much lower than I was expecting, seeing as I have a crazy poof on top now.  The babe must just be pushing everything upward and out.

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Isn't that sound just so great once you find it?  joy.gifBaby is low and sort of in the middle I guess. I am 15 weeks.  I was also surprised as I am starting to get a tiny belly but that is above where the baby was found this week.  If I remember right my doctor said the baby will start to be more in the middle by week 20.  

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My babe was also low and in the middle. As soon as the doctor put the doppler on my belly, I knew where he'd find the heartbeat!


I remember that my son was always low and on the right side. 

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Wow - ok, so I'm not odd at all. It just seemed so weird that I'm SOOOO large but baby isn't utilizing ANY of that space. Guess that's pretty normal. Thanks for sharing ladies - puts my mind at ease. :-)

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We couldn't get our baby's heartbeat last night (12w1d yesterday) because baby was hiding behind the placenta.  Placenta is in low right quadrant of my uterus.  Baby seemed to be hiding there.  We heard a solid whoosh of the placenta, heard kicks and movement, and I felt movement.  So I'm not worried about not finding a heartbeat because I know baby's there and okay.  Honestly, I'm kind of worried about my placenta placement since it was so front and low and that's what we got on the doppler.  My midwife's not worried, so really I shouldn't be either, but I'm still anxious to get my 18/20 week scan done to be sure placenta is okay.

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yeah - I'm curious about where my placenta is too. My 18 week scan is March - so I wait. lol

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My placenta is posterior. Lately I've been feeling little flutterings in the lower left corner... it must be warm down there or something! When I was at my NT scan, the tech told me that she is researching cord pulses and brain stimulation. She said all the babies she scans push their foreheads against the cords and rest that way routinely. She thinks it is comforting or stimulating to them when they are small. She said as they get bigger, like within a couple of weeks of birth, they push their butts against the cord.


I wonder what other effects internal organs and placenta have - and if that determines where they "hang out" in there... ?

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