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Disposable nappy changing pads

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Yesterday when I was at the shops buying a nappy changing pad for the nursery, I noticed packets of disposable nappy changing mats.  They're like a thin papery thing that come in packs of 5 or 10 and are intended to use when you're using the parenting rooms at  the store.


My plan was that I might dedicate a wrap or cloth nappy and use that instead, but then I was thinking, if the public toilets are as dirty as they are (and they are), are the parenting rooms just as bad?  As in, when I go in there, am I going to find the change table covered in poo smudges etc?  Sorry for TMI.  If the change table in the parents room is really bad, I think I'd be glad I had a disposable mat rather than my own cloth mat that I have to then bring home and wash that has other people's germs on the back of it.  Yuck!!  


I'm just not sure whether to spend my money on these things, the disposable products.  I think I might make an exception this time.

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I had a few in my diaper bag for times I had to change diapers in gross bathrooms, or not so clean carpet, etc.  I was a little grossed out to fold that back up into my diaper bag. Even if I folded the down side in, what if I forgot and used it again?  Changing pads kindof gross me out...after use, both sides seem grungy.  I use washable ones most places, and try to do changes in places I know are clean.

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THose public changing tables have always grossed me out.  I wouldn't want to use my pads on top of them either.  In a pinch I have lined the entire with paper towels, but for the most part I have just learned to get good at changing the baby in the stroller with it reclined.  If I can't find a stroller I will try to find another suitable place and only use bathrooms as a last resort.  They gross me out.  In warmer months, finding a place outside is my fave.


I don't think a box of disposable pads are a bad idea, and if you only use them as a last resort, a package will likely last you a very long time.

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I used them for places like at fairgrounds when the bathroom situation isn't the best. I tend to avoid places with nasty bathrooms if possible as it is. Another thing you can keep is a small can or pack of lysol wipes. I haven't ever seen poo on the changing table, but they're ripe with bacteria. I'd rather wipe or spray it down in a pinch if I had to than use nothing. I would even change DD in her stroller in an out of the way corner to avoid icky bathrooms. The disposables work, but I like to use them sparingly.
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I used a cloth one for public places, but folded whichever side seemed dirtier in and washed when I got home.  I think you can absolutely do it with cloth.  You might want 2 in your bag, though, just in case one gets really bad.

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I sew my own cloth changing pads with PUL/cotton but I wanted to have a few disposable ones on hand when out.  The disposable "baby" ones are expensive for what they are.  I wonder if just regular old Chux pads (or other underpads from medical supply/birth supply store) would work just as well?  Much cheaper!

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