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Cosleeping in the City

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So, my dh, ds, and I have all been sharing a full bed since ds was born 8 months ago. At first it worked (we're all snugglers anyway). But now it's getting a bit cramped. We are trying to decide to get a queen or go all the way to king.

Is the extra room in a king worth the extra money- and space? We live in a city apartment, so space really is an issue. If a king is worth it, what tips or tricks have you found to help with the lack of space?

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In our experience, a queen has been just fine for when one kiddo is in the bed.  If you plan on having more, you might want a king - but really, I'd say only if you plan on bedsharing with more than one child.

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I second tiqa. It really depends on how many children you hope to have in there and for how long. One 3 year old in your bed isn't bad in a queen, but a 3 year old and a 1 year old would be quite cramped for us!

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It also depends on the size of the people involved and how you all sleep. 


My DH and I could never fit in a full with just the two of us, and there's no way we could sleep with 2.5 yo DS in our Queen (even when he was an infant we couldn't do it).  For us we need a King for all of us to fit.  But possibly instead of getting a bigger bed, maybe a second bed would be a better option for you - adding a twin next to the full will give you more space to spread out, and in another few years when your LO is ready for his own bed, it's easy enough to separate them again.  It will take up more space than even a King, but it will only be for a short while, and it's cheaper. 

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We've done the twin beds pushed up against one another, and while it was great sizewise, you have to be sure you're OK with the little line in the middle (or put a pad or something on top).  I was always ending up on the crack between the beds and it was not fun!

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