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Fibroids and pregnancy

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I'm 18 weeks pregnant and just had my 18 week ultrasound.   I was told at the ultrasound that I had four fibroids, one tiny one, 2 smallish ones and one that is 7.5 cm.  I was also told that the 7.5 cm may block the birth canal but it is too soon to tell.  I found out I was sent to a high risk specialist because of my fibroids and will need follow up ultrasounds.  I personally am concerned about the effects of several ultrasounds and wanted to know other people's experiences.  Have other people with fibroids been sent to a high risk doctor for them?  Do all people with fibroids have additional ultrasounds or is the place I am going being extra cautious?  Also in case I am told I need a c-section in the end is it worth getting a second opinion?  Has anyone been told by one person that they can't delivery naturally due to fibroids at one place but been able to do it elsewhere?  

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I had fibroids with one of my pregnancies. I wasn't sent to a high-risk doctor, but a home birth midwife told me I was too high risk for home birth. My fibroids did not block the birth canal, so it isn't completely the same as your situation. I didn't have extra ultrasounds but they might be doing that to see if you'll be able to have a vaginal birth due to where the fibroid is? I did end up hemmoraghing just after birth due to the fibroids, but everything was fine in the long run.


My experience might not be helpful, but there it is anyway.

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