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Crafting for baby

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Anyone planning on doing any crafting for the baby?


Ive been looking at baby knitting and sewing patterns debating what I should make for him/her. Im thinking of starting early since other wise Ill run out of time and it will help things go faster. I really don't like the early months of pregnancy.

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I have a pattern for a really cute hat that I just made for a friends shower.  All I need is to get to the yarn store!


 I also have some sweater/sleep sack things that I want to make, along with some animal toys to play with.  I just entered my "sleeping 20 hours a day phase" so we will see how much I get done.  Ohh also I'm going to make a wet bag for while we are out and a bag for the diaper container.  We are going to CD this time around, and Joann's has the CD waterproof fabric.  They also have kits to make your own CD, If I'm feeling adventurous I might do that as well.  


My first and foremost goal is to clean out my scrap-booking/school room as that will be baby's new home.  I need to clear the desk and the closet completely which is no small task, and we have 2 huge filing cabinets in there which I'm going to work on paring down to one.  (One has house stuff and one has my teaching things.) The rest of the house is clutter free for the most part, but this is our catch all room.whistling.gif

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esma - do you have a link to the hat pattern?  Is it on Ravelry?  (Because I totally need more things in my queue!  redface.gif )


I'm going to knit some longies, and would like to do a hat since I won't have a summer baby this time around.  Hmmm, might need to got hit Etsy and Hyena Cart and look at yarn.  orngbiggrin.gif

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Yep It's on Raverlry.  It only took me around 4-5 hours to make it. 

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Ooh, I am! I learned to knit just for this baby (when he/she was still only in the planning stages), so I have big knitting plans:


--wool soakers, nb and small sizes

--wool longies



--sleep sacks (with matching hats)

--newborn gowns

--kimono sweater



I'm also learning to sew (got a machine for Christmas), so I hope to do some of that too.


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Oh, I want to make some Saartje's booties for this baby!  I started some for DD2 but never finished them.  redface.gif

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So How I do things is I come up with a big list of things Id LIKE to get done then go off that list when I have time to make things.. 99% of the time the whole list doesn't get done. I'm practical, I have 3 children 5 and under (soon to be 4) I'm not going to get everything done. BUT Id like to get some of it done.


Fix diapers that are still serviceable
make diapers to fill in gaps
make 50-100 wipes (we go through a ton)
coming home outfit (need to find out the gender)
blanket for coming home
car seat cover for if its a girl )
6-12 beanies
6-12 booties
cover for nursing pillow- at least one, Id like to make 2-3. My kids spit up a LOT and my nursing pillow gets yucky
hospital gown for birth (don't know if it will be a home birth or a hospital one but either way I prefer having something I won't mind getting ruined but I still look good in)
a couple of baby sweaters
blessing outfit- Got the yarn already
blanket for blessing- got the yarn already
A couple of baby blankets- got the yarn for 2 already although my husband says ones to "girly" if its a boy.
Some new burp cloths
A mai tie for my husband
fix the ring sling I tired to make last time but couldn't get the right fabric for it
special stuffed animal
a safari mobile
nursing bracelet
growth chart
Tummy time mat
5 mini scrapbooks so all I have to do is add pictures
2 topsy turvy dolls for girls for big sister gifts
flannel doll for son for big brother gift
craft kits for after birth (these really helped when my son was born)
custom travel wipes container
custom wipes container for home use (x3)
x-stitch quilt and bibs
nursing cover with boning
hanging diaper organizer for bedroom
hanging diaper organizer for school room
2-3 nightgowns with the ability to nurse in them
Monster longies (blue)
Monster longies (purple)
baby legs (several pairs)
nursing pads
mama pads

The local Michael's was having a sale on yarns (most were 50% off) so I got the yarn for a couple of blankets. I usually use acrylic for blankets since it seems to stand up to multiple washes better (at least in my experience, YMMV). I sure ill add more once I get everything out of storage and see how the baby stuff fared.

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I love to make stuff.  I knit, crochet, and sew, among other things.  I'm planning on knitting some of these rompers http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rhino-romper because I figured out I love one piece baby outfits.  And I want to sew some of those baby nightgowns with the elastic bottom.  Loved those last time too.  And I have a couple of great maternity patterns for me!  But first, I need to make the lingerie I was  planning for Valentine's day, and a button down dress I've been dreaming of.  The dress probably won't fit for long, but it'll be a great winter dress I can nurse in once the babe is here.  I had a serious lack of nurse-able clothes that made me feel fabulous last time. 

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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post

Oh, I want to make some Saartje's booties for this baby!  I started some for DD2 but never finished them.  redface.gif

I love these booties. Those and a pilot cap are always baby shower gifts from me!


I plan to knit pants, sweater, at least 2 hats (I'm partial to pilot caps and wool hoods), big thick booties (still haven't found the perfect pair for a winter babe yet) I do have lots of handknit hand me downs from my daughter, but just cant help wanting more!


I'm excited to see what patterns everyone chooses!

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I have an easy hat pattern for a hat that I knit for my DS, just have to find it, then I can post it. 

I tend to get crafty while pregnant, so I many do more, but I won't hold myself to it yet!


You guys are really inspirational though :)


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I am semi new to knitting but I am loving it. I really would love to learn how to knitt things like that jumper, booties, hats and sweaters. Any suggestions on where to start?

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Raverly is a great place to start (www.raverly.com) Its a knitting/crocheting website with a ton of patterns and a lot of people willing to try to explain things when you get lost. Also, I find that you tube has some great tutorials (its how I learned to knit.. and sew).


I would say find a semi easy pattern to try out and see where it leads you. Honestly as long as you don't get frustrated easily and know how to do the knit stitch and purl stitch then you are set.

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Knittinghelp.com has a ton of free videos demonstrating different knitting techniques.  When I learned to knit, I just picked up a pattern, and looked up anything I didn't know how to do at that website. 


So, I just realized we're all having Oct. babies, and that means Halloween!  Anybody have plans for adorable newborn costumes?  DS was 3 mo at his first Halloween, and we dressed him up as the Dread Pirates Roberts (his name is Westley)



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Longies, longies, longies! I have a pilot cap pattern that I want to try. At least one regular sweater & Pebble, too. Those Rhino Rompers are adorable! I might have to try one. I plan on sewing a bunch of Quick Change Pants.

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Does anyone have a good, easy longies pattern to share?  I would love to make some...gonna be chilly for these babies!

In the meantime, my sister is due any minute and I can't wait to find out the sex because I want to knit some babylegs...but I really want to do pink if it is a girl!!

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OMG Angel, that is adorable! We're considering the name Jack Wesley so maybe we'll do a combo of Captain Jack and Dread Pirate Roberts! LOL :)


I haven't been knitting much this year and I know so many of my friends will be knitting for us so I'm not sure what I'll do. I have pinned a gorgeous blanket that I love and may work on that. http://www.purlbee.com/hudson-bay-crib-blank/


It's so different choosing a pattern for my own child, rather than for others!

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Yesterday to celebrate my BFP I started looking at patterns and going through my stash.  I'm going to need to put in a yarn order here soon and enter heavy knitting mode.  I had bad carpal tunnel last    time and couldn't knit after about 5 months. I'd like to get as much done now as I can.  I started a little pilot cap yesterday and will hopefully finish it this evening.  After that I'd love to get some longies/sweater/pilot cap sets made along with some bibs and sleep sacks.  I'm guessing sewing will be easier than knitting later in my pregnancy, so I'll start collecting some ideas for that too.

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What are you all working on?  I've knit two hats, a pair of longies and I'm almost done with a little sweater vest.  I've felt pretty poorly and spent large portions of the past couple weeks on the sofa knitting.  At least it's something somewhat productive that I'm able to do.

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Right now Im working on keeping food down.. I caught a horrible virus on top of morning sickness. not a good combo.


Im feeling better so after I make curtains (so not fun!) Im going to work on some maternity clothing and knitting a baby blanket. I do want to sit down and make a list of what Id like to accomplish before the baby comes. I do know I need to go revamp/make new diapers.

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