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I'm crafting so much for this baby! I just made myself start a non-baby knitting project so I didn't feel too crazy.

I just finished this:




which was the first thing I've knit since getting pregnant, and made specifically for this baby. I'll post the photo of the one I actually made as soon as I feel like a normal person. :)


Since we were TTC for almost  a year, I also made some things that I thought could maybe be for our baby, but could also be gifts. I've knit a few sweaters (including a couple BSJs), some booties, and some tiny wool socks. I've also made a baby blanket (one side cotton/one side flannel with a hand stitched edge) and have fabric to make another one. I also made some bibs, and want to make some burp cloths and baby towels. I've made about 10 terrycloth wipes (I was experimenting with a friend's serger) and want to make lots more of those.




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Wow way to go MidwifeSteph...I have that romper pattern saved ;-)


I've knit a sweater and a matching hat...and two adorable little wool soakers and then MS hit, and now for some bizarre reason, I get nauseous from knitting or sewing. I think it has something to do with concentrating? Idk...I don't remember this with my son's pregnancy, but I'm literally unable to knit anything right now which is KILLING ME! lol Thank goodness we have months to go as I've got SO much I want to make for this baby!

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Wow, so many crafty mamas here. I don't know how you guys find the time. I can knit, but I hate it. And I'm not very good. I'd love to knit some things for this baby, but I'm not good at finishing stuff. I can crochet and I've finished a few crochet blankets. I do enjoy crocheting. I'm not sure I'm good enough to make anything but a blanket. I really need a sweater set for this bean. I'll have to check with my aunt to see if she can do one for me. She has done all kinds of stuff for me, but I think it's getting too hard on her hands. :( I have stuff she made for me as a baby that I've put on my girls. They're such treasures.

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Ok, Im starting to feel more human now as long as I eat regularly. One missed meal or snack and I get extremely sick to my stomach. Poor hubby, comes in at night and can tell if Ive eaten enough during the day.


Before I start anything I need to finish unpacking and organizing the house! Im still not even 1/2 of the way unpacked shy.gif After that this month I need to knit a scarf for a friend (I HATE knitting scarves). For the baby/pregnancy I want to make:


a new nursing cover.. I get cold when I nurse in public during the winter so I need one a little heavier than the gauze one I made for the last baby. I don't always cover but I like the option for when its more comfortable for me.

start a baby blanket in white for the baby's blessing

Go through the baby diapers and figure out which ones Ill be able to salvage, make a list of what I want to buy and what I want to make

Make a list of what I want to make for this baby and assign a time table. Need to make this REALISTIC!

Start planning birthday presents, Christmas presents and Halloween costumes for all of the children. I want to get 90% of the crafting for the rest of the year done before the 1st of October. I know childbirth kicks my butt so Im not counting on being able to do anything after I have the baby for at least a couple of months.

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