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first baby

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i am 13 weeks...is it ok if i cant feel the baby move yet?

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Yes, most definitely.  I'm pregnant for the 3rd time and didn't feel baby move till 20-22 weeks with my first two, and this time I've felt very little movement (20 weeks).  I just found out during an anatomy scan that my placenta is right in front, which is why I'm not feeling much.  Things like what kind of shape you are in, eg., how much weight you carry, or how tight your abs are also make a difference. It's usually later with a first pregnancy than subsequent ones.  Postition of your uterus also makes a difference. I have what's know as "tilted uterus" so my is set back further and makes it harder to feel and hear heartbeats for a while until it gets bigger. Have you done any researching online for pictures, videos of what baby looks like, size etc?  It may help you if you see how small the baby is at 13 weeks.  It still surprises me that at 20 weeks I look huge and this baby only weighs about 12 ounces right now! 


Best wishes for a lovely first pregnancy experience!

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I agree with the previous poster.  Thirteen weeks would be very early.  I'm twenty weeks, and I have just started to feel what I only suspect is movement.  Still, I know that the baby moves because we hear it on the doppler and see it on the ultrasound.

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With my first, I didnt feel ANY movement until 19 weeks, and no real detectable movement until 22 weeks. Its totally normal.
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Exactly what all the other posters are saying.  I'm at 14 weeks and can't feel anything.  At my 13 week u/s last week we actually saw the baby smashing his/her little legs against my uterus and I couldn't feel anything.  This week we could hear movement on the doppler, but again, nothing for me.  My doctor doesn't anticipate most new mothers will feel anything until 18 weeks or later.

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Yes, with my first I didn't feel the baby until about 19-20 weeks. With my second it was around 14 weeks.

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