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Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery 2012

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I noticed posts on this school dated 2008. So I'm looking for recent feedback.


I recently discovered this school. I am interested because I am a U.S, military spouse currently living in England. I move with my husband every 1-3 years, so a distance education without clinical and preceptor requirements is needed. Being able to pursue an apprenticeship and clinicals on my own is important.


I'm skeptical of this school for a number a reasons:


1. Must purchase a "catalog", which I understand from other threads, does not give much information than what is disclosed on the website. Some folks had issues receiving the catalog... An application that must be mailed?


2. "Contact" is NOT customer friendly via email. Stating: "because our time is limited (we are generally extremely busy)" and "our time online is very limited." etc. How are they to communicate with if there's issues etc?   


3. Not MEAC. Anyone have issues with this? Please let me know! 


4. No online discussion group? You have to postal mail your homework and correspondences?


5. Anyway to obtain information prior to enrolling like: courses you will take, course descriptions, semester-by-semester layout?


6. Can your pursue this program part-time?


7. Any estimated costs out there regarding all the books that need to be purchased?


8.Good curriculum? Mentors?


9. Anyone go on to the NARM? Any issues? CPM?


Thanks in advance for your feedback! MUCH APPRECIATED.


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you could try asking on the mana student yahoo group!

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You've probably chosen a school by now but I wanted to post my experience with Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery.  I have found it frustrating to work with them.  It has been difficult for me to communicate with them and they provide very little in the way of support.  They no longer offer the workshops which were the main reason I signed up.  Also, sending everything by mail is not a practical idea.  Either the school or the postal system have lost  my assignments twice.  I don't understand why they don't do things online. 

The coursework was presented in an unprofessional way, for example questions were out of order, many typos, oddly worded questions, hand-drawn diagrams that were confusing....  When I showed the coursework book to a CPM mentor she was concerned and hoped I hadn't already paid for the program. 

The program is too expensive for the little support and quality of the coursework in my opinion.

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No personal experience with this school, but any distance course that doesn't take place almost exclusively online is not something I would want to enroll in. There are a lot of non MEAC programs to choose from. Are you currently considering any others?
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