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let's see...

2 home made RS's in different cotton batik fabrics - one with a short tail that lives in the car, and one with a long tail that lives in the diaper bag
1 home made MT in solarveil (that used to be a solarveil RS that i just converted to a MT)

1 Freehand MT in black with celtic knot flowery design
1 Freehand MT that used to be an onbu but i cut off the rings and added a waist belt because i wasn't feeling the onbu love - that's also black with a celtic knot green man
1 Ellaroo Ysabel 4.6m wrap
1 Khaki patapum (baby)
1 Kelty backpack (DH uses this one - it's too big for me)

i also at different points had two homemade gauze wraps, which i ended up giving to friends new to babywearing, and a homemade fleece pouch and a homemade fleece RS that also went to fledgling babywearers who had winter babies, as well as a baby bjorn that never got used and eventually got sold at a consignment sale.

: whoo! i had no idea there had been so many! at least, that's my story, and i'm stickin to it
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I have 4 ring slings all of which were made by Janet at Seams Country and I have a baby bjorn which hasn't seen any action since I mastered the ring sling
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I have a Kozy, a Maya RS, a Hug-a-Bub ( www.cottoncradles.com ), a KKAFP, a KKACP, and one of Kangaroo Korner's new adjustable mesh pouches on the way. I'm really excited about that one b/c I can take it in the pool and they say that it's as stretchy as their fleece pouches. So that's really cool. Can't wait to get it!
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I have 7 (and no baby yet! ) But I use them for demos and for friends to practice with to help them decide what kind they want me to buy for their shower gift!

I've got 2 hotslings, a BabyHawk mei tai, a Moby Wrap, an Ellaroo wrap, a Maya ring sling, and a Maya MamaBaby sling.

Just FYI- most of my clients choose to get a hotsling, and all of my friends have chosen the MobyWrap.
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I only have two slings and a Mei Tai. DH also has a MT.
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I'm jealous of those of you with so many slings! I have three:

*Maya Wrap (in the color grown fabric)
*Hot Sling (in black ecru flower)
*Bebe Tai (in the Kimono Ladies pattern)

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My "stash" just exploded in recent months. I had an ergo and a new native and premaxx and got by OK.
Well! Now I have 1 classic ergo, 1 beco on the way, 1 ellaroo mei hip (trying to sell), 2 bh mei tais, 2 hotslings in two different sizes, 3 peanut shell pouches in fleece, jersey knit, and a reversable pattern, 1 solarveil ring sling, 1 premaxx sling, and 1 hotsling pool pouch on the way. I love them all. LOVE THEM!

I like my mei tais and pouches the best, though I use them all quite a bit. I wish I had just lost control and bought that many a lot sooner. Once I found the variety it was just too fun, and of course easier to carry my baby around. I think I kind of have to stop now though.
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Let's see

1 BB
1 Hotsling
1 TenToes pouch
1 Moby Wrap
1 Maya Wrap
1 Kozy
1 Ergo

So that's 9. I'd like more but, DS is my last baby & I cannot buy anymore.
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I have one ring sling (Over the Shoulder Baby Holder in a blue fish batik pattern) that was a gift when my daughter was born. I used that for more than 18 months before finally buying some alternatives.

Now I have three Mei Tais:
a Kozy Karrier (I got the sateen "Gwynn" vibrant floral print that reverses to black canvas, with black straps)

one custom Sachi (large turquoise and beige floral pattern on a chocolate background, reverses to an "Orange Creamsicle" print with pink/orange/sage colored swirls and dots on a pale orange background, with natural straps)

and the Metro/Khaki EllaRoo mei tai.

I have two wraps:
a Medium EllaRoo wrap in the LaRae striped pattern

and a Storchenwiege Inka pattern.

I own one Hotslings pouch: the pink Disco Dot that reverses to a light green sateen.

So that's seven cloth carriers. On top of those, my brother gave us their used red Baby Bjorn. But I've only used that once, as I recall. I have a "Hip Hammock" knockoff made by One Step Ahead that has seen a little bit of use. It basically stays in the car so if the pouch ends up going into the house and staying there, I still have something to use for carrying the toddler if we're out. I used it last July at our county fair. Not the most comfy alternative, but it works and it's truly compact.

I don't know if I'm truly a sling whore, but the thing that seemed so extravagant to me was that I bought most of those items AFTER my daughter was 20 months old.
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Oh, my favorite subject!!

I love carriers!! I really love them!!

What I have, going from most to least used:

Oopa Chambray RS with green satin ribbon edging

"Mod Hearts" Babyhawk XT Mei Tai with Cranberry Straps

Khaki TaylorMade Solarveil RS (I use this to shower in, and to go to the waterpark in the summer!)

Lucky Baby Pouch in Lucky Circles

Lucky Print Hotsling pouch (I used this ALL THE TIME, now it's too big due to losing over 30 lbs!)

Blue Paisley Hotsling Pouch (Also way too big!)

Moby Wraps (black and blue) I used these before DS was so fricking heavy!

EcoBabies silk brocade Onbuhimo (it's gorgeous, but I only wear it on special occasions!) Here's a pic of ds sleeping in it from the testimonials on her site: http://www.merchantmoms.com/images/tjonbu.jpg

Padded OTSBH-type La Leche League Sling in black with ivory batik bamboo print

OTSBH - Blue Chambray... my first sling!

So, only 11... not too bad, though... I want to get a Didy or a Girasol... dh will kill me though.... sigh!
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ooh I love the mod hearts bh pattern and the ellaroo metro pattern. I just got a mod flower/moss reversible bh on caramel. All of my slings except for the ps yoko pattern are dark neutrals. Thank god I"m not into wraps. I don't know what would happen. It makes me want to learn to sew, to have fun picking out the fabric and trying to make my own- though I'm sure it's not that easy (or maybe it is? I can't sew anything though).
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I find babyslings at the thriftstore that I can't resist passing up since I know SOMEONE is going to need them... So far I've got:
3 Over the Shoulder Baby holder (one chambray blue, one black with
bug print, one blue batik)
2 baby bundlers (one black, one turquiose)
2 New Native baby pouches (both black, one organic cotton)
1 mei tai made by me (orange batik)
1 snugli (used before I got all the others)
1 infantino carrier which is gosh-dang uncomfortable

I think that all of them... Plus four various backpacks for hiking and such. I use the mei tai most since I made it a few weeks ago, my son is just too heavy to carry in a sling these days and the mei tai is a dream. I never knew they could be more comfy than wearing a huge baby backpack! I think I could climb a mountain in it...
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