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What is wrong with me?

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I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open, but Im wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience. I am two weeks PP and in the past couple of days I have begun to have all kinds of problems, none of which I really thought were related until in the middle of the night. I had a swelling and soreness of my vulva two days ago, was feverish all day yesterday, have had a headache for three days with no relief from my perscription IB Proufen, and last night I stood up and my uterus feels like someone hit it with a baseball bat. For the first two weeks, I was healing great, so why all the sudden pains and aches there?

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Oh man, I'm sorry.  With my second one I really felt my uterus contracting like no other and it was painful.  Very painful.  However the other things you mentioned sound a bit like an infection.  Glad you're going in.  Hope you feel better soon.

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Yes, it sounds like an infection to me. Hope you get some real answers!

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Thanks guys smile.gif

I was actually waiting to call my doctor's office, not go in. They dont take walk ins at my OB, you have to make an appointment. When I called, the fever had subsided without tylenol and my doctor said that some lower abdominal pain was to be expected.

Personally, I am scared to death that this is an infection because the pain hasnt been there, and it all of the sudden started 2 weeks PP. It feels like I have pulled a muscle (ha! pulled my uterus). It isnt contractions or cramping, its just soreness. DH has a fever, so now Im pretty sure that the fever had nothing to do with it. I need to stop reading about PP infections on the internet, that sh*t is about to make me have a panic attack. For now I think Im going to go with the idea that if Im not feverish, its unlikely that I have an infection. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but im a little scared because tomorrow is Friday and if something is wrong Ill have to go to the ER over the weekend. All the stuff I read says that signs of infection are fever, bad smelling lochia (Im pretty much done, so no real smell), and lower abdominal pain (which I have a lot of). I hate this feeling of being scared something is wrong.
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Aw, Adaline's mama hug2.gif

How are you feeling??


I had to return to the ER after my baby and although it turned out to be nothing, the stress really drove me nuts.

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Thanks smile.gif

Im feeling fine. I think I might have overreacted a bit bag.gif

Maybe it was just usual pains, or maybe it was me overexerting myself the previous day, but I woke up yesterday feeling totally fine. Honestly, I think I was super concerned and paranoid about infection because I read too much information about it online. DH and I had very careful, very slow sex at 7 days pp, so I was feeling like a dumbass who got an infection for something that was my own fault. But alas, its all good . Thankfully.
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Wonderful, glad you are okay!

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