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Morning sickness...

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I had nausea with my first pregnancy, but not until 8-9 weeks, and it was pretty mild. 


This time... I'm so sick... I've been feeling sick since the end of my 4th week. I've been waking up a couple of times at night with severe nausea. I'm not actually throwing up (which I actually think might be a little better), but just so close all the time... gagging and all...miserable.


I can't help but wonder if my dates could be off? If I'm on the path to being one of those people who has to be medicated for it? Ugh. This is so brutal... I just can't imagine it getting worse... as I've read that MS peaks at 8-9 weeks :(  I don't have a prenatal appointment set up until 12 weeks... but now I'm wondering if I should schedule one earlier?


I've been trying to eat as often as possible, and it seems to help... it's just so hard to eat when nothing sounds appetizing... or everything is the opposite of appetizing rather. 


Anyone have any tips for coping? A light at the end of the tunnel? 

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Heavy protein helped me a lot in my last pregnancy. I've also heard that supplementing with B6 is supposed to help. Oh, and the "preggy pops" they sell at motherhood maternity are good to suck on.  They take the edge off. Hope this passes for you soon!

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I liked this podcast on morning sickness.  Actually, I like a lot of the podcasts from that show.  Most of the advice is to eat eat eat!  At least every 2 hours you are awake, right before bed, and around 3 in the morning if you are up to pee or whatever.  The 3 am one is supposed to really help with nausea when you first get up, since 3 am is about when your blood sugar hits it's lowest point of the day.  Also lots of water and fiber to keep everything moving.  I haven't really hit any nausea yet, but I've already got my night stand, purse, backpack and school locker stocked with emergency food!  I hope you feel better soon.

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I've been told that high protein,+ Vit B6 are key too. Last time around, it hit me between 5-6 weeks, it wasn't awful compared to what some people go through, but the all day nausea was so tiring, the vomiting was almost a relief at times!


I'm testing out the theory currently and have my fingers crossed. Lot's of protein, green smoothies, Vit B complex, and eating frequently - but not a lot at one time. We'll see if it works in a couple of weeks!

I am getting the odd mild wave every now and then - nothing too bothersome right now.

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Thanks ladies... I keep reading about B6 as well... I'm going to try to pick some up today after work... Thanks again :)

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I feel your pain. I have had hyperemesis twice (even with a pregnancy we lost) and it was just miserable. AND I was medicated. For me, I threw up every single day until DS was born. And then it was miraculous and I suddenly could eat again!


B6 helps me, but protein foods make me feel even sicker, so I would say some experimentation.  Exercise is supposed to help but it makes me feel worse (which is sad as I race triathlons). If it gets worse your provider may be able to call in a script for zofran without having to go in. I don't love taking meds, but I seriously couldn't function without it last time.

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O, how I feel such strong empathy!  I have nausea 24-7 too. Not actually throwing up, but feel as though I am always on the verge.

My sense of smell is so acute that everything turns my stomach.  I can't even go into the kitchen - spices, soups, garbage, cat food - barf-a-roni!


Thank you for the morning sickness pod cast - listening now and hoping that her 48 cure works for me!


All I know is that I keep hearing that nausea is a great sign of a healthy pregnancy ;-o



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