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CDs Leaking at Night - Product Suggestions?

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Hi!  My 4 month old wets heavily at night.  We have used GroVia covers with unbleached prefolds since he was 2 weeks old and I love them.  I've had to do a middle of the night change for at least a couple of months, or else he would be leaky in the morning.  He's starting to outgrow the infant prefolds, so I bought and prepped a few (4) larger ones for nighttime use while I figured out what to do next.  Well, last night i changed him at 1, used a larger prefold, and by 5 am he was soaked and so was my bed!  When i changed him I found the prefold wasn't soaked - he had leaked out the side (he had been nursing and fell asleep on his side). 


I think this is a function of him being bigger, sleeping in different positions, and like I said, wetting a lot at night.  He's in a phase of getting up 4-5 times a night, so he's definitely moving around, nursing and awake a lot.  Since we need to size up, I'd be willing to invest in a different CD product if it helped with the leaking or eliminated the need to do the middle of the night change (he HATES it).  Any recommendations on overnight CDs, for or against?





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Put a pair of wool pants over it! Works great for us and no more wet spots on the bed even when her diaper is loaded. They are nice winter pj's anyway
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Ah I just started another thread with a similar issue. Wool didn't work for us, but I've heard it works for others. I just tried the Kawaii Baby Goodnights Heavy Wetter diaper. So far, so good. It's a pocket diaper with a 2 mega big inserts. They are more affordable than most, so I was willing to give them a try. I'm also open to other suggestions...

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Well, I don't actually use wool with just a diaper underneath. I put on a fuzzi bunz stuffed with a regular microfiber insert and a doubler. Then the wool pants because she is a very heavy night wetter and even with the stuffed diaper, somehow pee gets out, not tons of it but enough to smell and dampen the sheets!
I think it's because of her moving around so much, she travels all over the bed (and on top of me)!
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I love hemp doublers. They have worked great for my 6 month old and also my older son. I have used Hemp Babies by cotton babies. I put them in a pocket diaper behind the regular insert, but you could also put them behind a prefold.
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We started using two prefolds. (may need a bigger cover) And then we moved over to double-stuffed fuzzibuns. And a prefold on the sheet under the butt just in case of leakthrough.

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We use a larger fitted diaper that was made with 2 layers of zorb soaker material inside with an insert that has 3 layers of zorb inside http://www.etsy.com/transaction/37738484.  For a cover we use a wool wrap, and then as a second wet-protection layer, wool jammies or pants.  In the summer since we don't want long pants, we have wraps that I made with two layers of thick felted wool for nighttime.  We almost NEVER have a leak.  The few times that we have it is because the diaper wasn't tucked into the wrap cover properly.

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We use a big fitted diaper & wool for our heavy wetter & it works awesome. I've never tried prefolds but pockets even with mf/hemp or bamboo combo didn't work for us after he started sleeping 8hrs or more. He sleeps 12hrs now & never leaks. It kind of sounds like your larger prefold is either repelling or not fitting tight enough though where it isn't soaked. Anyway, I use Bububebe or Guerilla Fluff Utilitarians at night with either a interlock or upcycled wool. We use the wool as pj bottoms :)  Works awesome! HTH!

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We use fuzzi bunz, too and have had the same problem recently up until I have discovered the Hemp Prefold -- Heavy Wetter Solution by CD.


You can order them from the fuzzy bunz store:




...and they work verrrry well!! I would always buy them again...


Good luck!

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For a side sleeper it's a bit tricky I've found.  You need something with absorbency on the sides, which means that pocket diapers didn't work for us.  I really liked those Kawaii night diapers when DD was sleeping on her tummy but now she will move to her side during the night so I can't predict it.  So we use fitteds during the night (MEOS plus two extra liners) with a PUL cover and it works great. It's damn wet in the morning but it holds it all in (11-12 hrs with a feed in there too).  I don't think it matters what fitted you use as long as it's not too "bikini cut" and has some side coverage.  The mother ease diapers we have are sort of "retro" looking with their full cut so maybe this helps, I dunno.


Are you putting the prefold on with a snappi/pins or just tri-folding it?  I would think if it's fastened it should give you some side coverage, maybe try a different fold?

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If you change him in the middle of the night, are you making sure his penis is pointed down (rather to one side or the other)?  That can make all the difference.  Also, did you prep these PFs enough that they're at full absorbency? 


When I wanted to stop changing in the night (around 6 mos), I had to switch gears entirely.  We tried all sorts of things, and the best solution for us was (and still is) a Happy Hempy pocket fitted under wool.  Until recently I had to stuff it with 2 infant pfs trifolded and a heavy duty doubler to get through the night, and the wool has to be double-thickness (we mostly use Babyology).  It was really bulky, but it kept the bed dry.  Now that he's night-weaning I'm down to 1 pf and the doubler in the HH, and pretty soon we'll be down to just the PF.  I use the ones with the stay-dry inner, I did try the regular ones at first, but by morning his butt would be soaked - like when you spend too long in the shower/bath and your skin starts peeling. 

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