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Princess's former case worker just emailed me about two little girls she's hoping to place with an adoptive family ASAP. They are 7 & 11. Send me a message if interested! They are in Texas. We found Texas really easy to work with. They are beautiful, Hispanic girls.

(An introduction to me: I used to lurk here all day, every day! Our daughter came to us at age 9 as a straight adoption from the foster care system. We're in FL, she was in TX. May will be two years. We are absolutely smitten with her and she's made huge progress as our daughter in healing from the trauma she faced during her first nine years. It is a hard road, but we are so glad we chose it - and especially her! I blog at . Feel free to message me here or there if you have any questions or want the contact info to find out more about the girls mentioned above.)