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Plus Size Maternity Photos

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DP and I are having some professional maternity photos taken next week, and I'm feeling very nervous about them.  It's not so much an I-don't-want-my-picture-taken-because-of-body-image-issues thing as much as it is just a general shyness in front of the camera.  I tend to be very casual and don't "do" hair and make-up, so I've got a couple of friends helping me with clothes, but I'm not really sure of what body positions and angles are flattering.  (I've got all of the awkward looks down pat, though!)  Does anyone have examples (personal or otherwise) of bigger women's maternity shots?  I love our belly thread, but I'm looking for professional or posed shots.  Thanks so much!  


(And, if there's anyone in or near Atlanta, we have incredible body positive photographers.  They did our wedding in 2010.)

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If you've got a good photographer, I'd think that they'd be able to give some good feedback on poses? I always find that I take my best pictures when I just remember to sit up straight so my body doesn't all clump up in the middle and to raise my neck slightly to minimize my double chin action. The drawback is that then there are the occasional shots of me looking like I have a deformed neck ;) I think you should just try to relax, enjoy it, have fun, and feel a little pampered by it. People always look their best when they're having fun and feeling happy!

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Every photographer I've had for anything always tells you what poses to do and how to turn and hold yourself, so I wouldn't worry about that.  I've heard light colored clothing is good, and as for hair and makeup just look the way you usually do.  You'll be great!


I have a shot of me from my first pregnancy.  I was smaller then but still in the mid 200lb range.



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This was the photo of me alone in my maternity shoot that I really liked. To be fair though, it was sweltering and I was 37w6d (ya, 2 days before Kayden arrived!), and my photographer was about 36w at the time of the photo shoot. So, neither of us felt like taking the time to get better shots! LOL I have some good shots of me and DH but they're more cutesy shots - like us with a stuffed bunny rabbit smile.gif

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Lovely shots!

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southernfriedkarma, I am in LOVE with your wedding photos. And your wedding. Oh my goodness. I've been married almost 9 years and I'm not really into weddings, but if I had to go back and do things over again, I just love so much about yours. joy.gif

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Also, for some reason my last reply got truncated, but I am also in Atlanta. Sorry I don't have any tips on maternity poses, though.

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Thank you, menageriemama!  We love our wedding pics, too.  We had the maternity pics on Friday, so we'll see how they turn out soon enough :)

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These photos are giving me hope that I can get some nice maternity photos taken! You both looked beautiful.


Friends of ours had beautiful wedding photos done by a local photographer--I'm considering just calling her, but I know there is a big difference between taking good photos of a relatively thin, beautiful bride and wedding party, and taking good photos (some of which will probably be semi-nude) of a fat lady without a perfect/typical baby bump. I fully believe it is possible to get photos that will make me happy and capture what I want to capture, but picking the photographer is what I'm nervous about. Not every photographer seems capable of viewing a fat person as a subject worthy of the same consideration as a thin subject. Then of course so few of them actually put photos of fat people in their online portfolios (which in and of itself offends me, but whatever) so it becomes tough to narrow down the many options.


I'm in Michigan, on the off chance anyone has any recommendations in this area...

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My stepsister, who took my pictures, lives in Grand Rapids.  She's more of a hobbyist right now because she has young kids, but I think she does a pretty good job.  She advertises under the name J. Fata Studios.

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girl, your wedding photos are so nice! Your DH is really handsome too blush.gif He looks a lot like my DH when we first got married. We eloped and I don't have a single photo greensad.gif maybe we will renew our vows for our ten year anniversary coming up in December. I would love to have some photos.

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Thanks ninetales!

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

My stepsister, who took my pictures, lives in Grand Rapids.  She's more of a hobbyist right now because she has young kids, but I think she does a pretty good job.  She advertises under the name J. Fata Studios.

I wish I had time to fit in a photo session when I'm in Grand Rapids for my sister's wedding in June (5 day whirlwind trip that also includes my baby shower, so I'll be too busy). Maybe I will just flash my belly in my sister's wedding photos and call it good ROTFLMAO.gif

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Southernfriedkarma, did you ever post your pics? I would love to see them!

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