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dyeing hair while pregnant

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So, I have some gray/white hairs right at the front/top of my head.  I don't like them & I don't like seeing them in the mirror!  They started when I was in my early 20s, so not really age-related, but I feel like they make me look older (vain, I know).  I usually just dye my hair & they're gone.  I did not dye my hair at all while pregnant with DS & I waited until he was 3 months or so before I did again.  I just felt like the addition of chemicals to my hair wasn't worth it in case it affected his health.


I've read some others' opinions on this online & most say there really isn't any harm, especially after the first trimester.  But, I'm still apprehensive.  What do you think?

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I dyed my hair w/ DD1 late in the pg (no issues, she 4 and perfect), but this time I'd only use Naturtint because I am paranoid.

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I have a friend who dyes her hair, she uses a dye without the nasty chemicals. I don't know whats its called though.

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I'm a cosmetologist and from what I've been taught, there is no harm that is known, especially if there is good ventilation, because the only way the chemicals really can get into your body is through breathing them. There are a lot of less harsh hair dyes sold on the shelf now-a-days -- how well they'll cover up grey, I'm not sure, but you can definitely find them. If you're really worried about ammonia or other chemicals and price isn't a huge concern, you could go to a salon and get it done. The ventilation tends to be good and the professional hair dye is usually less harsh than the dye in the box you buy on the shelf. The downsides are that getting it done in a salon drives the price up quite a bit... but if you have a cosmetology school in your area, you might be able to find a better price. 

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I have dyed my hair with all 4 babies and have already had my hair done once this pregnancy. I tend to try to wait a lil longer than usual in between but I still go in for a pampering!

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There is also the option of coloring your hair using foils. If you're using foils, the dye will never actually touch your scalp. I have some good friends that work in an Aveda salon and that's usually where I get my hair colored whenever I do it anyway. You might also consider splurging in a place like that. Aveda uses really natural dyes in their salons so it's way less toxic than what you'd get elsewhere.

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When I just absolutely have to do my hair, I use a semi-permanent from Sally Beauty from the Ion Color Brilliance line.  It only lasts about 2 weeks, but it's made with jojoba oil and other such goodies, and it doesn't have any of the harsh chemicals like demi or permanent dyes. It's essentially just a color glaze, but I really like it.  Pregnancy has really dried out my hair, sadly, and these semi-perm dyes make it glossy. I'd really recommend them if you're looking to avoid the harsh stuff!

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Ive dyed mine each of my last three pregnancies and am planning to again. I figure if dye were that big of an issue, women who work as stylists would have a drastic increase of problems over the general population.


Good ventilation and not using anything super harsh should be all you need.


I REALLY want to go get mine done again now lol... Just have to decide on a cut and color!

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Another mama who dyes her hair. I buy from Sally beauty & do it myself. You could also look into henna dye.

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Thanks everyone for the input!  It sounds like it's pretty safe as long as you're careful (which you have to be anyway, I guess!).    Elizaveta - thank you for replying, I'm glad to hear from a pro!  Yeah, if there was a problem, it would be difficult for pregnant cosmetologists to do their jobs.


I'll probably do it, I just need to decide which kind I'll use.  I will probably try to find a less harsh one.  Sally Beauty is a good suggestion!

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