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Stopped getting emai notifications

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I haven't gotten email notifications when threads I'm subscribed to have been updated for about 5 days now. I've been back to the site several times and reposted. I've also checked my subscriptions and they say I'm subscribed for immediate notifications. Can someone fix that?
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As far as I can tell mail is being delivered through our system so I'm not sure what the issue might be for your email notifications. If it continues to occur you can report the issue via our feedback form so support can take a look: http://www.mothering.com/community/feedback


You should be able to change your settings directly in your account. We can't change it for you. 


Go to Subscriptions and scroll down to the options where you can select a variety of settings choices. For threads you are already subscribed to you will have to manually set each of them or stop all subscriptions emails. 






Stop All Subscriptions Email:

Press this button to change all your subscriptions to "site only - no email." Your site activity feed will still be customized with updates about your subscriptions, but you won't get any more subscription email.


Default for new subscriptions:

Subscriptions personalize your homepage activity feed and send updates to your email. You can customize the frequency of each subscription. Set your default for new subscriptions here:

Default NewAutomaticImmediateDaily DigestWeekly DigestSite Only (no email)Don't Subscribe
Site Only (no email) You will not receive email on this subscription, but its updates will appear in your personalized homepage activity feed.


Subscription Options

Would you like to be asked to set the frequency on each new subscription?

Don't ask me (check this box and we'll just use your default without popping up a dialog box every time)

Auto-pause immediate subscriptions?

Immediate notification subcriptions will automatically pause if you stop visiting the site for a while. This is designed to keep users from being overwhelmed by too much email. However, if you would like to guarantee delivery of all immediate notications whether you visit the site or not, you can set that preference here.

Don't pause (check this box and your notifications will never be paused)

Subscribed Forums / Threads

Do you want to see all subscribed forums/threads or only those with new unread posts?

Show all items from subscribed forums/threads
Only show unread items from subscribed forums/threads


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Yes, I did all of that and the threads I want updates from are set to, "immediately." I'm still not getting anything from those. Although, I did get the notification from this one so maybe it has finally reset.
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I'm still not getting any emails except for the one from this thread so I've sent a message to Support. At least one other friend of mine on here says she's having the same problem. It's always happened periodically, but in the past, once I come back on and read or post to the thread, I start getting emails again. Not this time, though.
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According to tech support, If you never log out (many users don't) you may never have come out of being "paused" for notifications, which would result in what you're talking about. A fix for that is coming this week. So if you are still having the problem next week please let me know. 

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Oh, ok. I never do logout manually. Sometimes I am logged out by my computer if it crashes.

I'm getting the notifications now and so is my friend so maybe it has already been fixed. Thanks.
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Bumping this--I"ve had this same problem for a couple of weeks now. I've followed all of the above advice. Any ideas??

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3XMama, the only thing I can do is set your email address as mine and test it to see if I receive your notifications. If I do then we'll know the issue is on your receiving end. If I don't then we'll know it is on our end. Would you like me to do that?

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Oh my goodness, I feel like an idiot. Your post reminded me that I had a spam folder and that I should check it. There they all were! Sheepish.gif It looks like several other email subscriptions I have have also been going into spam, too, and I'm not sure why. I will get it fixed, though! Thanks for your offer, I appreciate it!! 

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No problem. smile.gif

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I'm having this problem too. I've followed the advice and I've checked my junk, spam and all of my settings. I used to get them just fine. Nothings changed that I can see... I'm logged out on my PC. Any ideas?



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peedie, I replied to your email and am waiting to hear from you. 

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peedie please check your email and let me know about your subscription to this thread. :)


Edited to add: Never mind. I set one of my emails in your account and I am now receiving your subscriptions notifications. Here is a screenshot of the one to this thread I just received. So I'm fairly certain the issue is with your email settings in your email client or your email service provider.





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