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Pets and UC

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Question for pet owners who have UC'd:


How did your pet dog/cat handle the labor & birth? I have 2 dogs & 2 cats (all less than 2 years old), and I'm wondering how they'll act when the time comes. All 4 of them are acting differently with the pregnancy - more affectionate and protective. DH is wondering if they'll get in the way for the birth, trying to sniff between the legs in particular. I think that they'll have better sense than that, but who knows? We'll put them in the backyard if we need to.


Anyway, how did your dogs/cats act during labor and birth?

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I had 2 cats at the time of my first and second sons' births.  The first birth ended up being completely solo & my cats were the only witnesses.  They sat on the table in front of the birth pool most of the time watching over me. If I looked up and one wasn't there, the other was in his place. I spent the labor in the pool or on the toilet & I don't remember if they followed me to the bathroom when I went in there, but I suspect they were watching from the hallway.


During the birth of my second son, I don't recall them being as watchful, but my husband was there with me so I don't think they felt the same need to be protective.

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