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Prefolds: Green Earth vs. Baby Textiles

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I have the Green Earth Textiles that are often Mentioned here. My friend has the Baby Textiles and they look exactly the same to me, except the GET have different colored serging. Is there a difference in quality that anyone has seen?


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Baby TExtiles are indian prefolds i believe, green earth are CPFs.
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I have babies textiles and CPF (green earth) I far prefer the babies Textiles they are a lot softer and a bit trimmer and more assorbent than my CPFs.

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from what I understand, the Green Earth are the "true" CPFs while the Baby Textiles are just DSQ and there is a difference in quality...I have a few that I got in a trade and they are not as absorbant as my CPF's...I would really like to try the Indian ones though!

Here is a good thread that talks about the differences

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oh and I forgot to add....

I have both some regular Infant CPF and Indian baby textiles and my indians are much fluffier and softer (both unbleached)

oh and Baby Textiles does list the bleached prefolds as DSQ,but not the unbleached.
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Its wrong :LOL babies textiles come in both bleached and unbleached. They have held up a LOT better than my CPF (and I love my CPFs) but the stiching is just better on the BT. Babies textiles are a bit harder to find than CPFs and cost a tenny tiny bit more but they are softer and worth the extra cost IMHO, but CPFs are also great.

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Its wrong babies textiles come in both bleached and unbleached.
Yes they do... I was just saying they only clarify the bleached ones as DSQ,tho I would assume they both are, lol. who knows.... but I looked at Baby Textile's retailers and many ofthem specificy its indian cotton prefolds.... and I know our box came saying made in india or something like that :LOL So they appear to be DSQ Indian Prefolds
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Thanks ladies!
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I hated the Baby Textiles I had, and I found the sizing different from my Green Earth CPFs. They were wider and bulkier.
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I thought I read that Babies Textiles are made in Mexico.

I know of only a few online places to get IPF's and not one of them calls them Babies Textiles. Nor does anyone selling Babies Textiles call them indian prefolds.

Of course now I can't find the site where I read that
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zanadu calls them indian cotton prefolds and she is listed as a baby textiles retailer by them

Also, we just bought some wholesale prefolds from them and they said made in India but I think the move to Indian prefolds by them was a recent one. HTH!
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Green Earth
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I do love my Green Earth!
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Im a Green Earth mama

My daughter's green earth dipes are holding up really well. We have used her current size almost exclusively for 12+ months now and there is no sign of wear.:
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