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Yoga during labor and birth?

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I've been thinking a lot about positions for labor and birth and I've been doing yoga to help open my hips up. So, I'm wondering if it would be reasonable to do yoga during labor. It seems like it would really help to center you and bring your focus on your body. It also seems like it would be a good way to loosen up and open up. What do you think? Has anyone done yoga during labor? 

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I did not do yoga during active labor, but I will happily confess that I was one of those women who got to 5cm dilated and was prepping her own back for the epidural.  I will say that I got on my knees and did cat poses each and every day, and it helped me breath.  Little Biscuit was riding waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in my lungs, and yet stepping on some plumbing at the same time (and when she turned, her head was on it!  Couldn't win!) so I also did so very yoga-esque poses over the toilet in order to not be standing there for an hour for a truly comedic production.  I thoroughly enjoyed forward bend as well, but with my legs spread wide so the belly had somewhere to go.  I've heard you're not supposed to invert while pregnant, but oh man did I not care, my back didn't care, I just took a couple breaths while down there and swore to never tell my doctor.  Bound angle pose, another big one...  felt fabulous on the hips.  Big fan of the squat too, although, not at the very end.  Also, modified pigeon.  I did these while I was in early labor, but once I was working all method went out the window, and I went into my very quiet and not-so-happy place until the nice woman came and made it ooooooooh so much more doable for little old me.


Less than helpful, but hopefully encouraging! 

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Yoga is amazing during pregnancy and labor! Check out WWW.Blooma. com. Its a prenatal yoga studio. They sell a great prenatal DVD. The sequence is designed to mirror the natural rhythm of labor and really helps you connect w your body and your baby. You can use all the postures in your labor and her emphasis on the breath is so important. I love it!
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BirthingwithYoga.com is all about yoga positions in labor and how it totally supports and aid the body and mind. 

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Thanks, Ladies! I'm going to check those websites out!

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