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Lackawanna County mid-wife & Birthing Center

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I'm looking for a mid-wife and (hopefully) a birthing center near Scranton, PA or Wilkes Barre, PA. I WILL NOT deliver my child at Moses Taylor hospital. Had a HORRIBLE experience there with my last delivery. I'm not opposed to delivering at a Wilkes Barre hospital. But I'd rather find a near-by birthing center (not necessarily a water-birth). Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Midwives seem far and few between in this area. Birthing centers are scarce. Any help is MUCH appreciated!

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I'm sorry Elizabeth, currently the closest free-standing birth center is over an hour and a half drive from you in Reading, Pa.  There are midwives that practice at Wayne Memorial Hospital and they have a positive reputation in the community and have served families that I know from the area very well.  


If you're interested, there is a home birth provider that attends birth in your area.  PM for contact information if you'd be willing to consider a home birth. 



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Agreed DO NOT deliver at Moses Taylor.  I also had a completely unnecessary, needless, horrific experience at Moses Taylor with my last delivery.  (word of warning for those delivering there-they like to lead their patients to believe they are in dire danger to get them to okay manual removal of the placentas without explaining the procedure (or naming it for what it is), for no medical reason, without the offer of pain killers, then leaving it out of their medical records that it happened. )  This caused me to research my birthing options in the area pretty in depth.  I personally would not deliver in any Wilkes Barre hospital either as I have heard they are even more intervention happy.  In the not too distant past, WB General even attempted to force a c-section on a women for a "too big" baby (that turned out to weigh less then some of her previous healthy deliveries) by removing custody of the unborn baby from Mom.  The other WB hospital I've heard is no better.


Depending on where you are located in Lackawanna you may not be that far from Wayne Memorial in Honesdale.  I'll be honest, the hospital in general does not have a good reputation but as far as the information I've gathered on them goes, they are more natural friendly then any others. I have no delivery experience there but have seen the midwives that deliver there and they were incredibly supportive when I needed them to be.  If I hadn't found a fantastic HB midwife that serves the area I don't think I would mind delivering there.


I have come across several midwives who service this area, including the one I'm seeing now and who is about to attend my babe's delivery hopefully any day now.   If you would like their contact information please don't hesitate to pm me.

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Hello everyone....I am new in this site...and am new in this country (USA)...I came from the Philippines and got married Dec 17...got pregnant on our honeymoon trip.  About giving birth...i would want to give birth in water how can i check if the hospital where i would be delivering the baby (Moses Taylor in Scranton) is open to this birthing technique.  As much as i want to change hospital or just deliver at home , my husband would not let me, he is worried for the risk involved.

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HI I just read this and just joined. I am super interested and knowing you CNM contact and any feedback about Wayne memorial. I cannot yet send PM's, but if you can PM me? Thanks!

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Hi Elizabeth,


I also was looking for a Midwife/Doulah in the Scranton. The last birth I had was also in Moses Taylor hospital and had a traumatic experience. I know that your post was in 2012, but I wanted to ask if you had any luck?

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Hi Nicole, 


I am strongly considering a home birth. Could you please send me their info, if you don't mind? Thank you.

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Hello Harli,


I'm not allowed to PM yet, I believe because I just joined. Could you please send me info on mid wives and or doulahs, if you have any? Thank you so much!


6 years ago I delivered my little boy at Moses Taylor Hospital. To this day the whole experience makes me cry because I was robbed of the enjoyment of my birth. It was so bad that I took so long to get pregnant again because the whole experience was traumatizing for me. I could have easily had a lawsuit, but I didn't want to re-live the whole experience again. I just thank God that we were both healthy. And of course made me do a lot more research, which led me to Ricky Lake's documentary called "The Business of Being Born"


Any info would be appreciated, Thank you.

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