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Spotting at 12 DPO, positive HPTs getting darker

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Hi Ladies,


I know the answer to my question is most likely "wait and see", but I thought I'd see if any of you had some other thoughts.  I got a BFP yesterday at 11 DPO.  I tested again this morning (on 3 tests orngbiggrin.gif) and they were all positive and darker than yesterdays.  But, I also started to have some light pink spotting/light bleeding.  It is mostly when I wipe, but a little on my liner too.  


Here's is a pic.  From bottom to top: wondflo on 11 DPO, wondflo on 12 DPO, FRER on 11 DPO, FRER on 12 DPO, CBE on 12 DPO (I think this one has a lower sensitivity).


photo (2).JPG


I have a doctor's appt today for a really bad sore throat and I'm gonna ask for a beta.  


The uncertainty is not easy for me to handle.



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I'm sorry that you're having some spotting and there isn't really anything that anyone here can tell you for certain.  But I can say that spotting around the time of expected AF is pretty common during pregnancy.  I had spotting with my first then and again a week later.  I called the birth center I planned to use and the mw there simply told me that about 50% of women spot during pregnancy and only half of those will m/c. She told me to relax, rest, and wait b/c there was nothing to be done.  It wasn't very helpful to hear at the time, but unfortunately she is right.  You're already taking progesterone supplements to sustain the corpus luteum so if you're going to m/c it's likely due to a chromosomal abnormality instead of low progesterone.  Darkening HPT's- strictly speaking- don't mean anything in terms of viability.  However, anecdotally speaking, women will tell you that HPT's tend to lighten with an approaching m/c.   There has been one study done that concluded the time it took for the test line to show was correlated to the level of hCG.  So if your tests are turning positive quicker, that could be a good sign.  Lastly, if your temps remain high through this time that is a very encouraging sign.  Generally with a m/c- especially a chemical pregnancy- you will see falling temps, spotting, then possibly cramping.  If the spotting does not increase to full red bleeding and you do not experience cramping with it and your temps remain high, then I'd say all these things together are good signs.  Of course, the betas will also tell you if things are looking good.  Keep us posted please!

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Thanks Jaimee!  I wanted to temp this morning, but I woke up at 330 with insomnia, so I didn't temp.  I will tomorrow though.  And, I like to hear that 50% of pregnant women experience some spotting.  I did with my first, but it was much different.  it started on 7dpo and ended on 12 dpo.  Only time will tell this time.  I'm going to do my best to stay positive b/c right now I AM pregnant :)

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Oh and on both the FRER and CBE today, the second line showed up right away, about the same time as the control.  So, that sounds like a good sign.

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I just noticed you're in Chicago!  I'm down in Urbana!  We're practically neighbors!  winky.gif  I hope you can get a beta done today (since it's Saturday) and then get another on Monday or Tuesday to see what's happening.

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I spotted for 12 days with cramping with my daughter. The doctor guessed I started spotting at about 6 days before my missed period and continued for 6 days after my missed period. The cramps were heavy enough that I was taking aspirin which I realized after I found out I was pregnant was probably adding to my spotting because it is a blood thinner, whoops!


I agree with Jaimee about getting a beta. That's how the doctor confirmed I was pregnant and not having a miscarriage, or ectopic which is what I thought it was. I got mine done at the ER on either Sat or Sun, I can't remember which it was, but then another on the next Monday at my clinic. Definitely put my mind at ease.


Good luck!!!! goodvibes.gif


Oh yeah, and my spotting was like a light period. If that helps.

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Thanks BaileyB.  Here's an update: I went to acupuncture and my acupuncturist did moxa and gave me a stick of moxa to do at home once a day to help with the spotting.  The spotting is nearly gone.  If it ends up on my liner it's golden colored.  When I see it when I wipe, it's either really watery pink or is a little streaking of pink in creamy/EW CM.  I think I wouldn't even notice it if I was scrutinizing.  


I went to an internist (not my regular doc) and 1) I have strep throat greensad.gif and 2) he wouldn't do a beta and told me to just call my midwife on Monday.  So, that was a little disappointing, but I think since the spotting is really, really light and I'm not cramping, there's probably no harm in waiting until Monday for a blood test.  And, if things get worse, I'll just page my midwife tomorrow.  In the meantime, I swung by Dollar Tree and bought all the HPTs they had in stock, so I'll be able to know if I'm at least still pregnant until Monday.


Thanks for your responses!


And Jaimee, I went to undergrad in Urbana - I'm actually wearing my Illinois hoodie right now. orngtongue.gif.  Are you affiliated with U of I ? I miss the seeded sourdough baguettes from Strawberry Fields.  

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Cool about the moxa!  My dh is faculty at UI... we just moved here this past August.

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Hope you enjoy it in Urbana.  I see you also lived in Baltimore - I did my PhD at Johns Hopkins and lived in Charles village for 5 years. Small world smile.gif

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Quick update - no more spotting today smile.gif.  TMI, but I actually saw clear/white CM, so that makes me feel way better.  I did the moxa this morning and I think it must be helping, or at least not hurting.  I took a wondflo and dollar tree test this AM and both were clearly positive, though not super dark nor did they show up super fast, but they both showed up well within the time frame.  So, I'm going to not over-analyze that.  I emailed my OB to see about a beta tomorrow.  I'm having some nausea and cramps, but both could be from the antibiotics I'm taking.  So, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic today.  Fingers crossed that my betas will come back normal.


ETA: my temp was nice and high this morning (98.9), but could be from my not so great sleep and illness, though I didn't have a fever this morning.  Just glad it didn't go down.  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011



Thanks for reading.

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Well, if you don't have a fever and aren't really feeling sick anymore then I'd say your chart if looking triphasic!  But it certainly could be stress from the illness and/or sleep deprivation, too. Either way your chart looks good and I'm glad to hear that the spotting is gone!  Yay!

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Yea, your chart looks great! Good luck!

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Thanks for the encouragement ladies!  I'm feeling much better today in general and I'm going to just try to relax and let life happen instead of trying to force things that I have not control over anyways.  I think part of me is just so surprised that I'm pregnant that I don't quite believe it yet and keep expecting AF, kwim?

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Another quick update.  Temp was still way up this am - my chart looks triphasic to me. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011

Took another dollar store test and the second line started to show up at 30 seconds.  No more spotting.  So, I'm officially going to join the October DDC.  Thanks for all your help!

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It certainly does!  Congrats! I'm very happy for you!  Enjoy your DDC... I now that I have!

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