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Red Butt

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This is my second child.  He is 2 weeks old today.  He is breastfed.  I am not having any success with Butt Paste.  I need other suggestions for his very red butt.  It isn't a raised rash. 

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i only have experience with my daughter as i'm a new mom, but the first thing that comes to mind to fix red butts is just fresh air and sunshine. we still do it now, even though at 10 months she's crawling everywhere and so pees alllll over the place, but it definitely clears up any butt problems within a handful of hours. pretty amazing! at two weeks, newborns aren't doing any crawling :), so it would be more just staying on top of changing the cloth under the baby.


as for what's causing the red butt - could it be the diapers? we used cloth diapers for the first few months but switched to mostly disposable diapers (we have no washing machine and i just couldn't keep up with handwashing the cloth diapers. not happy about it, but..) and i definitely see an increase in butt issues since we made that switch.


i guess there's always the question of baby's sensitivity to what you're eating and could be irritating to them via the breastmilk, but i don't know anything about that really...



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i use desitin with zinc to clear it, then a&d ffor a few days as a skin protectant. lots of air, let it dry before putting diaper on. if it's red in a ring around his anus it signifies a food reaction(mine gets it occasionally but i have no idea what the culprit is!)

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I used dispose @ the hospital ... partly b/c I was a new 1st time mom and unsure of CD b/c of the unknown .. but when we came home 2 days later my son had a really bad diaper rash. So I read and saw that sunshine and fresh air w/ no diaper clears it up ... and did that. It was August though. :) and I also practice EC so starting EC came naturally from that. 


I laid him on a wooly pad with no diaper - but on top of a pre fold CD in case of pee :D or poop. 


I also kept him in my RS with just a pre fold CD under his tushy, 


OH and I squirted my BM onto it and let air dry all day long. and I put coconut oil on him. 

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and I should add that I kept using CD with him after two days of disposes and rash ... and at 6 months old my son never has had a rash again. If around his butt gets red that means an allergy and I squirt milk and coconut oil on it. 

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Congrats on your new babylove.gif


I second the advice of naked time or bottom-less time. If it's cool at your house, leggings like Babylegs are great.


Also, maybe you could try some other kinds of diaper cream, maybe ButtPaste just doesn't do it for your guy. I like the Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff.

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Coconut oil works wonders and is CD safe!

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I agree with the 'no diaper' time. After a really bad diaper rash my friend recommended TRIPLE PASTE. We switched from Desitin to Triple Paste. It's more expensive, but I think worth it.


If you don't think it's a diaper rash, maybe try changing brands for diapers and wipes. Maybe even the laundry soap and bath soap too.

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