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Best prefold folds

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What are your favorite ways to fold a prefold? In terms of gender? Baby's build (skinny/chunky)? Absorbency? Bulk/fit?

We pretty much only used the "bikini twist" with dd, with a snappi, but I'm interested to hear the pros and cons of other approaches.
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I have a baby girl and we use the angel wing fold with a snappi.  It works pretty well for us!

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Love the jelly roll! Keeps the blowouts in better than other folding methods we'ved tried.

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We've always used the angel wing fold with snappi for DD (now 2 years old) No leaks or blowouts!
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Angel wing with Snappi here too.  I sometimes use bikini twist when sizing up to the next prefold bc it puts the extra between the legs and is trimmer than folding down in front, but I find it occasionally creates tiny leg leaks - almost like it funnels pee around the twist and shoots it out the legs. :)

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I did angel wing for the first few months with DS, but then it wound up no longer containing poo, so we switched to jelly roll.  I've used bikini twist a few times, but it just didn't work too well for us.  The main problem with any but angel wing for us though was that I pretty much needed to add a doubler to them because he could pee so much so fast that it would just spray right through the PF, right through the wool cover and onto the floor. 

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