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Hi all, I'm 5 weeks, 3 days and my appetite has gone through the roof. I eat, and then 30 minutes later my stomach is growling again. Crazy! Anyone else experiencing this? Have already gained 5-6 pounds and while I don't love it, I figure my body knows what it needs.

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Yes!  I'm not even 5 weeks yet, but I had to eat every 45 min. yesterday afternoon.  Try and keep up with your appetite!  I didn't start feeling nauseous last time until I let myself get too hungry.  It's really counterintuitive, but I finally figured out that if I was feeling yucky that meant I needed to eat, pronto!

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Me too!  I gained over 40 lbs with my last pregnancy, and this one looks like it is starting out the same way...although this time I'm going to the gym regularly, so hopefully I won't gain so much weight!

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Yes, I am eating frequently too.  I've just been trying to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day.  I gained 40 lbs with my first and I don't remember being this hungry last time.

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Yes, starving here too. Since I am trying to keep my milk supply up I'm going with it. 

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i am also hungry all the time, especially in the mornings. Some people apparently don't gain in the first trimester but that wasn't my experience last time or this time. And it totally isn't worth it for me to try to put it off because I feel both sick to my stomach and exhausted when I am hungry.
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I'm 4 weeks, three days, and I've been extra hungry for nearly a week, & it's getting worse every day.  The problem isn't so much that I'm starving and can't stand it, but that if I don't eat right when I feel hungry, or I don't eat enough, I feel nauseous.  


I'm a little bit concerned about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy, because my mother and sister both gained a lot of weight during their pregnancies, and my mother never really lost it (and then gained more with each additional pregnancy), and my sister hasn't been successful in losing yet.  But I obviously can't make myself sick by not eating; tossing my cookies and then sticking around work for the rest of the day would be difficult to explain when we're not telling anyone about the pregnancy yet.  So I eat, and I'm trying not to worry about excessive weight gain; I'm focusing on keeping the baby and myself happy and healthy.




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I gained 50lbs with my first and I exercised throughout most of the pregnancy.  I was really concerned about losing the weight, but I got back to within a few lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight without doing anything. It took awhile (11 months), but I wasn't at all in the same shape, so I started working out (momsintofitness.com) and doing weight watchers and I'm now starting this pregnancy 15 lbs less than the last one.  I am the smallest I've ever been in my adult life and definitely in the best shape.  My mom is overweight.  So, I think you can get back to your pre-pregnancy size/shape if you work at it and set reasonable goals.  Don't let the weight gain stress you out.  Just listen to your body. 

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I am 6w2d now.  When I was 4 & 5 weeks I was full of energy and starving, but as soon as 6 weeks hit I became exhausted and nauseous with no appetite at all.  Don't worry too much yet!

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