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haha, that's alright.  I'm, so sunburned I can barely walk.  So much for getting fit!

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Well, I've just gotten my IUD removed today. We're still planning to avoid til late August, but it's kind of exciting to know that a slip up could result in BABY.


I'm still focused on running-related goals and hoping to reach my goal time for my upcoming 10k in late August. Hopefully training for that will help me lose these few pounds that I seem to have put on with early Summer beers and BBQs.


One step closer!

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Haha!  Glad I'm not the only one who sees the excitement in a slip!

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HAhaha, I do too...but in a "oh my god, we can't do this right now...but I so want to" kind of way.

Going to try and put the walking into play today...

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Husband is almost ready to start TTC. I can see it in his eyes. I've wanted to get pregnant for almost 2 years now!!! Its been so hard to wait. Now I'm so nervous. I keep thinking "am I too young? am I too crazy? will I be able to develop my career? we have NO ONE to help us out!!!"


Went to the amusement park with work today and saw everyone with their families (and BABIES). Drove me nuts! We could start TTC as soon as this month or next month! Should I wait? Should I shape up? Oh boy!

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That's too exciting!!  I feel like I see babies and bumps EVERYWHERE.  Drives me nuts too...

I got a new thermometer today!  Restarting temping first thing tomorrow morning! joy.gif

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New here, so....  wave.gif


I have a 2.5 yr old DS, divorced from his dad, and have been with Mr. Right for a little over a year. He isn't sure he even *wants* kids, so who knows how long I'll be waiting! I told him I have to have more kids to be happy, and if we're going to be together, he sort of has to get on board at some point... but I don't want to rush/pressure him either.


So, I practice the Law of Attraction - I focus on removing the IUD around Christmas, and getting a BFP next spring :P om.gif


How do you ladies handle the constant longing?! Every time I see a baby out in public, it's like every ounce of me is screaming "make one! make one!"


/sigh... how long do I have to wait, again?!?!?! praying.gif



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I'm in this tribe for the next however-long. It doesn't seem too active (though I guess that's good?) My husband and I have one daughter born 6/11. We've been married since 8/07. Pretty much ever since we had her, we've had in mind that we'd aim for the next to be born in summer 2013. DH is a teacher at the college level and that gives him the whole summer off to spend with me and the kids. We were trying for a few cycles with no success. But he just changed his mind and decided he doesn't want to have the next baby be born until after he submits for tenure review, which won't be until the first half of 2014, which has us waiting to ttc until some time in 2013. I'm frustrated... we had this plan all along and he changed it on me, and I feel that we COULD handle another baby at this point even if the time isn't the best. Add to this that I spent 2 years wanting a baby and having him put me off before we started ttc DD. I was in school at the time so he had a good reason, and I know he has a good reason now, but it just feels like my entire life is made up of waiting until he decides to let me have a baby. I think I just need something to take my mind off it... 'cause that works so well. Any other project I could come up with would pale in comparison; I can't buy myself off wanting to have a baby by getting interested in something else. 


DD is still nursing and still needs a lot of attention. It isn't even so much that I SO want one RIGHT NOW, but it's hard to shift gears from ttc, and I would welcome one, and I hate being told that I can't even try, y'know? When we were trying I wasn't so broken up when I got my period each month because I wasn't so, so ravenous about wanting a baby (like I was with DD). But not even having the option really bugs me. An oops isn't likely... I know my fertility signs and he knows that I know, and if he asks me for an honest estimate of how likely a conception is, I wouldn't lie. It would almost be easier if I didn't know my fertility signs at this point. 

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Welcome ladies!

Gaaaahhhh!  Waiting is soooo hard.  DH and I have agreed on November, which I know is SO close but it seems too long since we've been talking about another baby for a year now.  I just found out today that another of my close friends is pregnant.  That means that two of my closest friends, probably the people I see the most,  are pregnant now.  And. I'm. Still. Waiting.  I am completely and genuinely excited for them-I just want to join them so much. 

erigeron, I know what you mean about not even being allowed to try....I have never taken No well.

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DH had a change of heart and last night he said we could start trying....like in the middle of sex decided to tell me.  Haha.  Now I'm freaked out.  I have been taking an herb that is not ok during TTC/pregnancy.  I guess I will stop now though I kind of wanted to finish taking what I have of it since it's helping me.  There is always something I guess.  Anyhow, wooohoooo!  Now there is just the 2 week wait which feels like forever. 

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Waiting is so difficult. My husband agreed to start trying in February, but I am worried that he isn't really ready and he's just trying to make me happy. When I read the birthing stories in Ina May Gaskin's "Spiritual Midwifery," the male partners play such a vital role. My husband has valid concerns- he wants to wait until we have more money, he wants me to reach career fulfillment prior to motherhood, he wants us to have land- a permanent and stable place to call home. I told him that I don't want to wait until my late 20s because so many women I know who start trying at that age can't get pregnant, and I want my body to be in the best shape. I'm ready, and I'm okay with putting my career on hold or on the slow track so that I can be a mother.


Should I believe my husband when he says he's ready to try in February?


I have my own doubts- we don't live near friends/family, for instance. But I've been told numerous times that there is no "right" time to have a child, and there is no "ready" for parenthood. Thoughts?

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Originally Posted by elizabeth67 View Post


I have my own doubts- we don't live near friends/family, for instance. But I've been told numerous times that there is no "right" time to have a child, and there is no "ready" for parenthood. Thoughts?

I agree, but I do think some times are more right or more ready than others. If you're in a stable marriage and financially you can swing the cost, and you're not on the verge of doing something that's going to throw your life into chaos for several years (like go back to school or join the Peace Corps or something), that's probably as right and ready as it gets. Yeah, you can always wait until you have more money and more time and more whatever, but enh. The career thing is really up to you--if you find career fulfillment (whatever that ends up meaning to you) then having a baby could still throw a monkey wrench into it. Or you could not have any problems with it. 


'Course, my husband doesn't want baby #2 to be born until after he submits for tenure, and he is totally impervious to any arguments to the contrary including all variants of "We have enough money and if you need more time to work we can hire a sitter and we'll work it out". So our new date to start trying is April, for a birth in or after January 2014. *sigh*. 2012 is almost over. April isn't *that* far off. It mostly just bugs me that he made the decision to stop trying unilaterally and that was it. And even though that was months ago and he's acknowledged that he approached it badly, and he's apologized, it still stings. 

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I am almost planning to have a baby for almost 2 years but still no luck and still hoping for the coming of 2013 will have a great success in having a baby

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New here. My Dh and I going to start ttc a girl in May/June 2013. Will be happy either way, but here's to hoping. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Hey there Ladies, I'm new here, the decision to try for #3 has been rather long winded, its taken me a year to get to a place where I feel really happy to add to our family. But I am desperate for our next baby to be born in summer ( I live in the sothern hemisphere) as I get the winter blues very badly and have quite severe anxiety. Which I am hoping I can somehow overcome. So hopefully I will stop taking the pill in the next few weeks and we will start trying. Dh would love a baby girl. I am happy either way. He or she will be born here at home. I look forward to getting to know you all and your journey through the wait until your BFP!

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Joining the thread. I'm starting to get the baby itch again. My youngest will be two on Thursday. Dh would really like to be done with kids, but I just have this feeling there is a 4th for us. I'm thinking we will be waiting at the very least until Spring or Fall, but it may be longer.
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Hi there Green Mama, my youngest is just over 2 as well and it has been since he started getting more independant I have been thinking actively about having another baby. Its hard to imagine another baby as we seem so set in our current routine but its also hard to think that we are done ( dh and I are 24) Thinking we will wait until the end of this summer/ beginning of autumn before start ttc.

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Hi Danielle! I really don't want to be done either. DH and I are both 33, but the last two weren't exactly planned. We are feeeeeertile, so I'm thinking a 4th will happen whether we plan one or don't, like as not.
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Hey there Cindy, for us age is a bit of an issue, we're both 24, hard to know if we should wait or not, at least until we own our own home. But right now we are financially sound. and I worry about the gap getting too big between our babies. I have 2 ds's D who is 5yrs and L who is 2.5yrs ( who is currently eating banana cake with a ski glove? orngbiggrin.gif) I'd like to get things moving pretty soon, I have just been diagnosed with moderately severe panic disorder so need to get that under control before we start trying. With you on being feeeertile, ds2 was created on the first try. Ds2 keeps asking for a baby sister.... no pressure or anything. He'll make such a sweet big brother. 

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How is everyone doing?
Plodding along here after the huge stress that was Christmas. Dh is still on break which is lovely, even though the weather is absolutely awful it's been raining for the past week, it's humid and it should be gorgeous and sunny..... Maybe next year.
Dh and I have spoken today about when will start trying and I was hoping to start in January on my next cycle, but he wants to get a few other things so suggested we wait three months but I'd like a spring/summer baby so we hope to start in February. Which seems like ages away. Well at least we can get prepared a bit more. Recently bought a new people mover, and carseats are not an issue. Baby will sleep in our room for the foreseeable future after it is born so not too many things to organise. We will be doing things a little differently this time, I co slept with ds2 and he was a terrible sleeper so for 22months dh and I didn't sleep in the same bed, it really messed with our relationship. So we will need to figure some sort of sleeping arrangement out so that doesn't happen again. Hope you are all well ladies!
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