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I REALLY have to share this stretch mark secret!

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I had switched to using just virgin coconut oil for my skin care (lotion and face wash) before the pregnancy. I'm 28 weeks now and not only do I not have new stretch marks but my old ones are vanishing!!!


I just rub it on my belly almost every night.

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I definitely have a lot of that in my cupboard! I'll need to try it out. I don't have anything new, but my old stretchmarks are now looking SUPER obvious!

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I was surprised I hadn't gotten any new ones b/c the second I'm pregnant my belly balloons! I always only measure 1 week ahead but I am ALL belly. I got a ton of stretch marks with my first but I can't believe they are fading! They are just very light now I'm pretty excited LOL

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This is my first but I have stretch marks from puberty all over my belly already (really old so you can't see them much usually.. until now when my belly balloons up and makes them obvious.. lol).  So I have been using coconut oil since my friend recommended it and I haven't gotten any new ones, either.  Another friend said don't scratch when they itch, just rub it, so I have been doing that, too.  So far so good with no new ones but I have a long way to go so we will see!  I think I am prone to get them as I have a bunch on my boobs and belly from being a kid, as I said, so the more I can do the better!  I definitely recommend the coconut oil as well!

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Janel, I have a ton from puberty as well. Mostly on my hips and boobs, but most of them were so old you couldn't see them.


Some part of me is really skeptical of anything to prevent stretch marks. I didn't get any stretch marks with my first until about 38 weeks or something like that, and then I woke up one morning and was suddenly covered in them. That made me decide I should never get my hopes up! With my second I weighed more than I ever had in my life and got zillions of them, a lot on my hips and thighs, etc.


But reducing already present stretch marks.... Yeah, that sounds good! And I'm itchy. I'm going to try it regardless of my inability to trust, haha.

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I figure even if it doesn't work it doesn't hurt you and hey, it just may work!  If I still get them I will know I did everything I could not to get them and it just wasn't in the cards for me :)


I showed my hubby my belly today and he pointed to one of my old stretch marks and said oh yeah wow I can see that. I was like ummm no that's old LOL.  He didnt' even know they were there until my belly stretched them out and put them on display :)  I told him I haven't gotten any new ones and he will know if I do because they won't be so nice and white and hard to see like these ones are. orngbiggrin.gif  I never knew he hadn't seen those, it's nice how good they fade after so long. I told him and I tell all my friends I am claiming those as pregnancy ones after this pregnancy hahahah!

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