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Have a 3 month old baby and planning a trip from west coast to east coast to visit the family. We will be flying nonstop from sf to Miami. My little guy is currently unvaccinated and while I was planning on vaccinating I was just hoping to put it off and then doa delayed schedule starting at 6 months or so. Now that we are planning this trip I am wondering if I should get a few of them done before we go. Was thinking hib dtap and rotavirus possibly pneumonia. Any thoughts or advice? Oh and we are exclusively breast feeding. 

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I flew from KY to CA with my three month old, vaccinated. Is it being on an airplane that concerns you? What is the vax for pneumonia?
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I've flown from central Canada to the west coast and back twice (with my 3 month old) and then from central Canada to Palm Springs when he was 6 month old. He is unvaccinated. What is your concern with flying from coast to coast that would make you want to push up the vaccination schedule?
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Honestly, I'm concerned about traveling with my son too ... he's unvax'd and I do not want to vax him anytime soon. Originally I thought I would start at 6 months, but he's 6 months this week and I'm now waiting longer...


Im a sahm, no playgroups or daycare etc... 


I just am concerned about him picking up something ... anything ... lol. 


We were considering a trip for Easter but I'm scared. It would be to east coast florida. 

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I guess it comes down to, is there something you've been waiting to vax for that you think he'll be more likely to catch on your trip than he would be at home. Travelling within the USA and Canada, the risks are pretty much the same no matter where you go, so any risk will be the same at home as it would be away. Even if your baby doesn't go out much, unless no one at your house ever leaves, your babe is being exposed to the regular colds, flus, etc that are going around your town.

Now, if I were travelling to a third world country, I would certainly be more likely to consider vaccination before travel.
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I have traveled allover the world - Europe, Asia, etc... As well as all over America, with my unvaxed DS.

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Hm I traveled domestically and internationally (Germany) with my unvaccinated DS (now he has had one Dtap and Hib at 2.5 years) and with my unvaccinated DD. WIll do so again in April-May. Europe again. No vaccines. If there was the remote chance of a local measles outbreak I could always decide to get a monovalent measles shot right there at the health department, but my home state hasn't had a single measles case in years. At airports - just use common sense, that is the one place I lysol everything and wash my hands all the time and would never allow strangers to touch my kiddos (I generally don't allow that though).

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