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10 month old not interested in breastfeeding

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Hi everyone,


I posted a few weeks ago about my baby who went on a nursing strike when he came down with RSV. Well, he hasn't nursed since then (Jan 18). I'm pumping 8-9 times a day and pretty much getting enough milk for his needs. We've been working with a lactation consultant who gave me some nipple shields and syringes to try. The shields don't work because my baby just wants to pull them off and chew on them (then throw them on the floor!). The syringe sometimes works. My husband will put milk in the syringe, then I hold our baby in a nursing position while my husband uses the syringe to put milk in our baby's mouth. Baby has sometimes put his mouth on my nipple, but he has not latched or wanted to latch since Jan 18.


I'm trying to think of ways to co-sleep, but so far it doesn't seem possible as our son naps in his bed and won't sleep in our bed (he'll get up and think it's time to play). I've also tried bath time and holding him, but he's very very active right now (learning to walk, playing with everything, etc).


He just doesn't seem to have an interest in sucking or nursing, and after reading some of the adoptive breastfeeding web pages, I'm really not sure what else to try. My son was a happy nurser and then one day stopped! He just isn't interested anymore, and I'm not sure how to coax/woo him back to the breast.


I'm looking for suggestions and stories of how people have done this... I feel like this is even more challenging as I work 4 long days during the week, and we have an older son who is missing me as I'm always pumping (or at least I feel like my days are just pumping).


Thanks :)


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Oh, my gosh do I feel your "pain"!! I am having the *exact* same issues with my 9 1/2 month old. Will latch for 20 seconds, but then gets bored and starts looking around and is off the breast. It doesn't help that I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old clamoring for my attention, AND I, also, work four afternoons a week.

My guy is *so* active and "into" everything (as yours sounds), and eating a lot of solids.  

I do *not* want to stop nursing, either, as this is just about the last quiet, enjoyable thing I have going on in my life right now!! (ha ha--besides sleep and bubble baths).

I think my milk production is down way low. Pumped at work today and got two ounces...


He takes a bottle just fine and gulps down 6 oz like it's nothing, but I am torn: do I keep that up, or will it turn him further away from the breast?


I think I am going to try to pump rigorously for a few days this weekend, and see if that gets my supply up, so he will then be more interested. 


I feel like this is a "make it or break it" stage, don't you? I am bound and determined to do my best to make it to a year :) 


I may also go to a La Leche mtg or Breastfeeding Support Group soon...


Let me know what your plan is, too!!


BEST wishes for continued nursing and health and happiness for both of you!

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Hang in there, mama!  I would keep up your efforts to maintain your milk supply and continue to gently offer and entice him in any way you can think of - baths, when he is almost asleep, just waking, in a sling (give him lots of skin to skin in a sling with your shirt off).  

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