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Travel potties?

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we'll be travelling to thailand with our 18 month old.
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Looks like it got cut off? I'm trying to figure out a way to offer the potty upon awaking without lugging around our little bjorn potty. Shell sit and read a book so a plastic Tupperware won't do. And she wont let us hold her over or sit in a big potty. Ideas?

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I know lots that use the potty from ikea. Doubt it is that much less bulk from the bblp, but might be better
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The potette plus looks packable enough. The IKEA potty is just as bulky as bblp and my Los bum is too small for it even at 18 months.
Thanks for the ideas!

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love the potette plus and it packs up very small. our friend borrowed it for her large 3yo. It uses either disposible inserts, or you can hang a plastic bag and something absorbant... or I guess stick a bowl under there. What I mean is, its just a ring, no bowl.


how hard would it be to just buy a potty in thailand? I have no idea what people do there for potties.

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Oh, but if your LO won't use the Ikea or BBLP b/c they are small, you may not like pottette. its also small. My kids have been fine with the little potties (even though they are largish kids) so they didn't mind it.

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We use a bblp at home but its just so bulky for travel. I carry DD and dh has a big backpack and I have a carryon rolling bag so space is a premium.
I bought the potette and she hated it as a ring and fwiw putting a bowl under it doesn't work. Somehow she can pee between the gap and pee gets everywhere. I haven't tried the plastic bag yet.
She hasn't been telling me lately and I haven't been offering so we're going backwards a little. Id love if the potette had a silicone bowl that fit and folded up...I like that the potette is flat...the bblp wwould take up all the room in my Backpack!

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We found a safety first travel potty at Walmart of al places. DD prefers our BBSP but will also sit on the SF. It folds up, has a cover and handle and a collapsible bowl. The seat is made to also be a reducer but I haven't tried yet since DD likes her feet planted on the ground. It takes a minute to set up but travels much more easily than the smart potty. I haven't had much use out of it yet but we got it recently. I was looking at the potette too but no bowl was a deal breaker for me.
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We use a Cool Gear Travel Potty and like it. 


 It folds up into a little briefcase looking thing with a handle, and uses just regular gallon sized freezer bags to catch poop/pee, unlike the Pottete Plus (and other similar potties) that needs special bags.  The things that fold down into  the 'legs' of the potty also open up into holders that we use to stash extra bags, and a change of undies and pants in case of an accident.  The one thing that we really don't like about it is that we have a boy, and the 'splash guard' is a total joke.  The hole of the potty is a little small, so we have to stand there and point his little peepee down into the potty or else he pees everywhere.  Other than that it is a nice little discreet looking potty.

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