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The ONE Thread Feb 12 - 19: Love is in the air, Valentines Edition!

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for Feb 12-19!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


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Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


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J16n33LindsayDawn - The moving of crosshairs and O dates is so frustrating! I guess once I've got a few more charts under my belt I'll feel more confident to call it when I see it, but for now it's just hard constantly not knowing what's going on. 


anyalily - Sounds like you're doing well! Let us know how testing goes over the next few days :)


LisaAdkins - Like you say, it is likely still too early to test so you never know. Hopefully you can hold out until AF doesn't show, you can do it!


Stevi - Oh friend, I'm sorry. That is rough. Sometimes as happy as we are for our friends, it's still totally normal to feel a bit down about it. Hope you've had a good weekend and things are looking up :)


A2E - I agree with TTCorC, perhaps this is what you need :) And really, so long as you're BD'ing every other day you should be good!


AFM - 8DPO here and if I've got my O date right I should know if I'm out or not by Wednesday so I'm really going to try and hold out testing until then. It's so hard waiting! Ha, as I know you're all more than aware of. I've been really tired the last few days, but that could be due to starting back at work, and I've had a bit of cramping/dull pelvic/left side ache but I seem to remember the same thing happening (the dull ache anyway) around this time last cycle so who knows. My cervix is still pretty high and not yet firm but I'm trying not to get my hopes up!



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Thanks for the new thread!


AFM: DH, DS, and myself are road-trippin' down to Louisville today. It's going to s.u.c.k. At some point in his very short life, DS decided he hates carseats and will literally scream his head off the whole time he's in one. We got him one of those Baby Einstein mirrors to help distract him but it only works for about 3 seconds, SO, we're going to try a portable DVD player. He loves Spongebob, so we're hoping that if we give him something that'll constantly change so he won't get bored with it... It'll help. *Sigh* I've got nothin' else to try, LOL.

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Hi all, I'm kind of new (after a long hiatus) again to this forum and thought I'd drop in and join this thread. I am waiting to see if AF shows today or tomorrow, so I'm i the 2ww. I'll try to catch up on what everyone is up to. Thanks - and good luck to everyone! :)

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doularebekah- Good luck! I wish I would have waited to test this cycle. 


AFM-I am 11dpo today and decided not to test today. I might test tomorrow but I'm not sure.  I am thinking I am going to reevaluate it every morning and *hopefully* make it to Wednesday/Thursday when AF is due so I won't waste another test (or several).  I am going to see what my temps do and go from there I guess.

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Thanks all for the sympathy. The thing with the ex is tough because "we" tried at the beginning of our relationship, and then he changed his mind, stating all sorts of reasonable reasons, only to turn around and get her pregnant (and of course, it has to be the woman he was cheating on me with, right?). And, my young expecting friends? One of them is this ex's eldest child. How freaking fertile can one family get???


I'll get over it, eventually. I just get in these "woe is me" moods every so often. Sigh.


On a conception note... My lower back is starting to ache, so it looks like AF will be here soon.


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Grrrr, so I'm relatively sure I did O yesterday... after the patch of EWCM, I got some pretty intense O pains which is usually positively indicative of ovulation on the same day and of COURSE, DH was not in the mood for the first time in a FREAKING MONTH!!! I guess I will have to hope that 2 days before O and possibly tonight will be good enough. I don't think our chances are great but as all of you say, maybe I just need an out of the ordinary cycle. I'll hope for the best! I got pregnant with our lost little bean against all odds so who knows!

So what are you girls planning for Valentine's Day? Anything special?

I always do up a little goody bag for the kids from Cupid they open in the morning and then I make a special dinner (probably homemade heart shaped pizza this year) and cupcakes. For DH, I'm going to make up some chocolate covered strawberries and have some champagne for after the kids go to bed. We don't normally buy each other things (other than the goody bag he gets too!) so I'll just give him some booty, lol.
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Hi to all you ladies!


A2E, sorry to hear about your lame-O DH. I HATE when my DH turns me down, especially when we are TTC. What do you think your job is, mister?!?!?@*$#

TTCCoC - good luck in the car! I hope it goes well.



Here I am at CD25 and last month I was bleeding on day 24, so at least I have made it this far. I think I am between 10-12 DPO. I tested a few days ago, BFN. All out of tests and I decided not to get anymore until maybe tomorrow or maybe even as late as Thursday. I didn't test positive with DD until I had missed my period and it was not not for lack of trying. I have spent SO much money on FRERs.


My dreams definitely think I am pregnant. I had a lactation dream a few nights ago. In the past three nights I have thought to myself in my dream, "I am pregnant". Early this morning I was dreaming that I was in a bar ordering a rum and coke and I said, "well, this is the last one of these I am going to drink for while..." LOL. I don't even like rum and coke. Dreams are so silly.


DD is sick again, but so far it seems mild. Sigh.

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TTCorC - Oh man, that's a long trip with a screaming babe! Hope it went ok!


Shawnamarie - Welcome back! Fingers crossed that AF has stayed away!


John16n33 - How're you going?


Stevi - Ugh, oh man!! No wonder you were having a rough time dealing with it, that's pretty hard. Hopefully AF is staying away and you will soon be knocked up yourself, that'll show 'em ;)


A2E - Oh no! 2 days before and once after (if that happened?) is definitely still possible, though! Crossing my fingers hard for you :) It's actually Valentines Day in NZ today, and sadly I am super sick. On the bright side it means my husband and I get to spend the day together and I woke up to some flowers from the garden and chocolate. We might go hit up a movie tonight if I'm feeling better. I like the idea of your goodie bags! Valentines gifts for friends or family isn't really done here in NZ, it's pretty strictly for romantic relationships but I think it's nice that it's shared around a bit more in the States!


anyalily - Ha, well I hope your dreams are trying to tell you something! Your LP sounds good, I hope you can hold out to test!


AFM - Ugh, I broke down and tested today and it was negative. I was sure I could see something but my husband couldn't, all I could think was 'Well, I don't really think you know what you're looking for!' which of course is ridiculous and his eyes are probably better than mine considering I've squinted at probably a million tests by now. I would normally be spotting by tomorrow evening, I think so I told my husband not to let me even buy anymore tests until Thursday. My temp is still up, cervix high and soft but that's about it. 

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Oh! We found out yesterday that my husband has been granted NZ Permanent Residency! He got it in about 6 months, which is super quick and we're so, so grateful. This means that we can now start on the adoption process if we want, so I'm going to look over the forms and see how we're feeling as a couple about moving forward with that. Exciting!

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Wow, DoulaRebekah! That's so cool! Is it international or domestic adoption you are considering?

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DoulaRebekah: That is awesome! I don't know where your husband is from... 


AFM- AF was due today, and she didn't show up! YAY, so I tested, and BFN. Maybe by tomorrow if AF hasn't shown her face! I don't have any AF cramping, which usually starts about three days before she comes. So I am not giving up hopes! 

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The car ride was... Better then normal? We ended up buying Lion King instead. =) He still cried/fussed/whatever, but it wasn't bloody murder screaming the whole time and he still managed to find a little cat nap in there somewhere. I officially give up.

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anyalily - Thanks! Probably domestic adoption for now, we're not opposed to International but it's way beyond us financially at the moment and there's so many kids in need here that I'd love to be able to give them a home. I think domestic will be harder, just less kids and lots of adoptive families (at the meeting we went to the social worker said of the 100 couples in the pool for our city, there was only 2 adoptions last year!) but we no we want to do this even if we do have our own kids so I figure we may as well start the ball rolling now!


LisaAdkins - Thanks! My husband is Canadian :) We moved back to NZ a year ago after living in Vancouver together for 3 years. He's lived in BC all his life so was ready for a change!


TTCorC - Haha, The Lion King is a great movie - I'm glad the car ride wasn't too trying!

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Doularebekah...   LOL on my showing 'em by getting knocked up!


As for adopting there... Have you considered fostering? Here (I'm in the U.S.) you can foster and are then one of the first families considered if/when a child you are fostering becomes available for adoption. This is my "long term" plan. TTC until I'm about 45, then do foster care, and adopt from there.

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A2E FXed it was enough! BTW I hope my dumb pun didn't offend you. I just found it so funny once I typed the first part out and then couldn't find a way to end the sentence that didn't sound completely ridiculous!


Doularebekah, that's super great about your DH, very cool that it was faster than you expected - I think that's a rare story in immigration!


Anyalily Sorry your DD is sick and very cool about the dreams!


AMF I had to put my dog down yesterday. bawling.gif  She was my best friend and had been for the last 13 years. She lived with me in 6 states and traveled through 30. She waited for me curled up in the front seat of my car while I was in college classes, backpacked in the Cascades, romped in the plains, took down a deer once (really, true story - a small deer in CA -- but a deer no less and it was still bigger than she was! And she got it down but we got there in time and the deer was fine.) She was my companion and pal. It was really tough, but we were lucky to have seen it coming and she died peacefully at home. Anyway, that's all I got - oh, and CD 1 for me here, please move me to waiting to O.

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DoulahRebekah-That's great about your Dh!  Good luck on the adoption.


Jpack- I am so sorry about your dog.  My dad had to put down our 12 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix back in December. It was 2 weeks before I came home for Christmas, I was so upset.  I knew she was sick but I was really counting on getting to see her one more time at Christmas.  She was such a sweet dog, very much a gentle giant.  Addi used to climb on her and use her as a slide and she never even gave her a dirty look.  Addi used to tuck Red in every night with a blanket and a pillow from the couch, and she would pass out on top of her during her afternoon naps.



AFM- Temp dropped below coverline today so I am expecting AF either today or tomorrow.  I am hoping to be able to convince Dh for one more cycle of trying but I will keep y'all updated to see how that goes.

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JPack, so sorry to read about your dog!


I am now on CD 26. I am getting excited, but afraid to get too excited. If AF doesn't show today, I will get some tests for tomorrow morning. The other day I was talking with DH and I said that I was feeling kind of terrified that I could be pregnant (I have PTSD from my first delivery and had a hard time the first two years with health, surgery and crippling anxiety) and he said the best thing he could say. "It's gonna be fun!" I love him so much.


This morning I awoke to a romantic letter and chocolate dipped strawberries on the kitchen table. He gets major points. I am going to make a nice family dinner tonight and then we are going out on Thursday. What is every one else doing? Happy Hallmark-Enforced Love Day!

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TTCCoC here. New username.


Please update my name on the main page!!! THANKS!

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Just breezing by to sub to the new thread...


doulahrebekah, can you put me in Waiting to O, please?  Thanks!! 



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