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Jpack - sooo sorry to hear about your dog. Amazing what loyal family members they become.

doulahrebekah - yay! how exciting to be able to finally apply for adoption! I have a good friend who lives in Philippines, who is a midwife, and who was unable to get pregnant (hubby is sterile). She adopted domestically last year and it's amazing to see the family they've become in one year. So happy for you. Maybe you'll be one of those people who applies to adopt and ends up pregnant :)

AFM - Yesterday was 16DPO for me, my temp was still luteal-phase-ish in the am and I took a test (BFN) and then AF came. I was having cramps and spotting but was in denial since my temp hadn't dropped. Hubby's testicles still aren't back to 100% (his semen isn't either - is that TMI?) so hoping that as he continues to slowly get better, things will look up again. You can move me to waiting to O. On the positive side - pregnancy tests where I live are only 20 cents so they won't be a huge budget item for us :)

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Happy Valentines Everyone! joy.gif


The darkest OPK was on CD21, which is indeed the actual day I ovulated, and my cycle was 34 days (4 days late irked.gif ), probably due to travel and 3 days of disneyland, which is actually when she decided to arrive. Took a couple HPT's, dollar store, FRER, CBplus and ended up with 1 evap on FRER and 2 evaps (that showed within 3 mins) on the dollar store test, I think it's safe to assume I'll be using CB the next time I test, which I hope will be at least 10-12 DPO.


I just got back home with my hubby today and we are ready for our first official month of trying, which is very promising, thanks to the late AF, which puts me at CD6? now, so whether I Ovu late, early or have a normal cycle (28-30 days), we will be together love.gif I still have a couple OPK's left, so I may take them when I'm bored at home, but other than that, trying to remain as stress free as possible.


Here's to November babies!





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stevi - Ha! We have what's called 'Home For Life' here, which is like adoption but for kids who have either been removed from their families or for whatever reason their families can no longer care for them. It's almost exactly the same as adoption legally, you're just not named as parents on their birth cert. (it stays the same). From what I understand you can also get to that point by first fostering. I'm all for it, but my husband is a bit more hesitant because I think he wants to get a good handle on being a parent first so would like to start with a baby, be it a bio or adopted one. I can respect that, but if it was up to me there would be bio kids, foster kids, home for life kids...the works! I think what might happen is that we either get pregnant and/or adopt, and then once our babies are a bit older we'll start fostering or do home for life if we're having trouble adopting. I like your plan, too! So cool that there's people out there wanting to love these kids :)

jpack - Thanks! Yes, very rare from what I understand. It was meant to take between 12-18 months! I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, my heart just breaks for you. I've been there before and it is just the hardest thing to do. What an amazing life she had with you though, so many cool memories. 


anyalily - How's it going?? :) What a sweet valentine you have!


CD'sMom1031 - Will do!


nisojon - 20cent HPT's!! That's amazing! Thanks for your sweet words, we're really excited. What a cool story about your friend, too! One of my best friends was also a midwife in the Philippines for a few years, what a small world :) Sorry to hear this wasn't your cycle, I really hope your husband is doing better soon!


cassandraz - Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely relaxing trip, it sounds like you're ready to go for this month! Good luck!


AFM - (first part cross posted from the Over 30s Thread)  Ok, I have a potentially embarrassing story. I've been temping a bit during the my because my husband keeps mentioning that I feel warm and I wanted to see if it was because of the heat here at the moment or if my temp is up. So the other day I went to temp but my flatmate was right outside my window playing with his son. I felt weird about shutting the curtains so obviously, so I went into the bathroom to temp. I temp vaginally and without even thinking inserted it and let go.....then splash! My first thought was 'I think it's waterproof!' but when I looked for it, it wasn't there! I looked all around but I think it had just slipped too far back for me to see or something, and I wasn't about to go reaching for it so had to flush it away :( Such a bummer! I'd bought another BBT the other day but it wasn't working and I hadn't had a chance to exchange it, thankfully when I put a new battery in it today I realised that was all it was so really I just missed out on today's temp. Which isn't that much of a big deal but now is the time when every temp shift carries SO much meaning it's killing me to have to wait until tomorrow!


11 DPO now and no spotting yet, which I'm feeling really great about. Trying hard to not test until tomorrow or Friday if there's no AF and I can hold out that long!

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Hope everyone had a nice Valentines!


I am now 3 days late, and took another test yesterday- still a BFN.

I'm going to be really upset if my cycle is getting all wacky again!


Please put me in as Waiting to O

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Doularebekah...   Hahahaha! Splash! Hee Hee!!!


KatCooke...   My cycle has gone wacky as well. I have never had 15dpo! Ever! AF always arrives on DPO 10, 11, or maybe 12. My LP is 10-11 days long. So something is screwy in uterusland.


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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CDsMom 1031- How did you change your username? I have been trying to change mine for some more privacy, but I can't figure out how to do it! 


JPack- I am so sorry! I feel your pain. I had to put my dog down last year, and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.... 


AFM- I am very confused here. AF was due on Monday, and the last 3 days I have been testing with dollar store tests. ALL BFN!!! But no sign of AF either. Anyone ever had this? I usually can set my clock by AF, so I am just very confused. 

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In regards to wacky cycles, last cycle I was all over the place, I finally decided to stop testing (Opk's and HPT's) and when I least expected it AF came. I know it's hard to relax sometimes, but just keep yourself super busy and what will be, will be.


Good Luck love.gif

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Doularebeka thanks for welcoming me back! I've been off on my own thread and it's honestly kind of lonely! Jaimee has been a huge help with giving me some feedback.


LisaAdkins20 here's hoping you get a BFP - especially since you're late with AF now. I'm in a very similar situation right now.


Just to give you all a bit of info on where I'm at: I'm confused. I'm not quite sure when I O'd this month partly b/c I didn't chart mucus. It looks like I might be 11dpo or 12dpo right now and I was expecting AF this past weekend. I had a blood test at the doc on Friday, which came back negative two days ago. I got a BFN this morning. However, my temps are still up (98.7 this morning even though FF isn't showing it on my chart??), I'm crazy thirsty, exhausted, have mild cramping, mood swings, sore bbs, and having vivid dreams. I haven't been this late for AF in as long as I can remember, yet I keep getting BFNs! Any thoughts?


Oh, here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/9f639


Thanks, ladies!  

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Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


JPack: I'm so sorry about your loss.  Losing a pet can be much harder than a lot of people let on.  My heart goes out to you. Also, a few days ago, on the old thread you asked about low progesterone and mentioned your numbers were at about 11.  My 3DPO progesterone was 12 in July and now is down to 10.  I've read that if your numbers are 10 or below you are considered progesterone deficient and that numbers around 15-20 are optimal for getting pregnant.  My doc has put me on what I consider a questionable progesterone prescription.  I say that because usually I see people take progesterone starting at 3DPO and continue for 12 days or until pregnant and reassess.  Many people will take around 200mg once a day 3DPO on and the prescription usually increases from that base level depending on the person and situation.  My doc has me taking 100mg everyday of my cycle.  Last month I took it the way I wanted to, 200mg starting as soon as O was confirmed.  Clearly, I didn't get pregnant.  Also, my doc hasn't retested my levels, which bothers me.  This cycle, I'm taking it as prescribed to see if that makes any difference.  I'm also in the process of getting a new doc for my fertility issues and we'll see what happens there.  My progesterone is low because of my being hypothyroid, so you may want to get your thyroid checked to be sure that one isn't causing the other. 


AFM: My husband did his at home 48 hour SA yesterday and his numbers came back AMAZING.  The doctors are stumped.  His 5 day wait numbers were 24million.  His 24-hour numbers were 15 million.  His 48 hour numbers were 29+million.  Perfect is 30 million and a problem is less than 20 million, so he is on both sides of the spectrum somehow. They said there is no way that his numbers should flux so much, and while they are optimistic about the 48 hour results as far as getting pregnant goes, the flux is indicative of a problem.  They referred him back to his doctor to figure out what the problem was.  So, this means that we will be sticking to a strict every other day schedule until we are told otherwise.  This can be tricky since I don't ovulate the same day every month.  I flux anytime between CD13 and CD17.  So by going every other day we may miss O day, but get close enough we should be good. That is as long as I have a hospitable environment that allows his swimmers to survive.  I'm going to have my new doc check out that end of things since my current doc can't.  Also, I am sick with a nasty cold, giving me elevated temps this morning.  I started feeling sick yesterday and feel worse today.  Hopefully it passes soon and I can get on with this cycle without interference.  Not feeling good about our chances of conceiving until I get in to my new doc, so I'm not all amped up hoping this is our cycle because I've come to the realization that this is going to be a long journey for us.  I'm trying to be realistic and not raise my hopes to just have them come crashing down. 

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Glad to know I am not the only one with a wacky cycle this month. I originally thought I O'd on CD 15 because every single sign EXCEPT CM (CP, O pains, nausea and irritability) agreed but I didn't have any EWCM (which isn't unheard of but I usually do get some)... However, on CD 23, I got a nice patch of EWCM and some O pains... So I assumed I O'd then. Well, the only thing is... those O pains haven't ended and I am on CD 27! And the weird thing is, they aren't *exactly* like O pains. They're more constant and achier, if that makes sense. I don't know what the heck is going on! I haven't been temping so that's no help. I did take my temp this morning... but I had the stomach flu yesterday so I don't think it's reliable but it was 99.1. Pbbbbbfffffffttttt! If I O'd on CD 15, I would be due to get AF tomorrow and I can say, without a doubt, she's not coming tomorrow. I have had absolutely no signs of her and I ALWAYS do. I would be confident with a CD 23 O (despite that being my latest O EVER, it IS immediately after a loss) if it wasn't for these weird cramps. They aren't particularly painful, just annoying.

jpack: No, you certainly didn't offend me with your pun. I actually giggled out loud when I read it. I thought it was cute. smile.gif I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear pup. :

Shawna: I would say you are probably 11dpo.... what is your normal LP? If you were expecting AF this past weekend, that seems like an awful short LP. Otherwise, everything looks normal to me.
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Wow, it sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat this cycle. Late AFs but BFNs. Strangeness!


I broke down and took a FRER yesterday afternoon, feeling pretty pregnant. BFN. :( I started cramping shortly after that and saw red this morning. Please move me to waiting to O. I feel sad about it. I was really hoping this was our cycle.


I am again thinking about taking a few months off. I just can't imagine NOT trying, but I would love to give myself the gift of losing 30 pounds before we conceive. Maybe the extra weight is part of the problem. It also could be DH, perhaps that we should go every other day, instead of every day...


Please excuse me if I lurk and and pretend like I am not trying and then join you all in the 2WW once again.

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Hi ladies,


I think we're ready to start TTC again. We just moved into a new house on an acre of land! So that's super exciting, and gives us the space we need for our natural lifestyle to really blossom and to start our family! Haven't had much time for baby dancing with the move and all, but hopefully this next month will bring us something good. :) Please move me to Waiting to Know, if you could!


Also found out today that one of my best friends might be pregnant.. She just moved in with her BF 3 months ago and definitely wasn't planning, so it's a bit of a shock, and kinda brings out some jealous twinges. But just keep reminding myself that we'll get there soon!


goodvibes.gif to all this month!

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Originally Posted by LisaAdkins20 View Post

CDsMom 1031- How did you change your username? I have been trying to change mine for some more privacy, but I can't figure out how to do it! 

Send a message to AdinaL. She can do it for you. =)

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Oh, jpack.  I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious pup.  There's just never enough time with our special friends, is there????  And the relationship you had with your dog sounds AMAZING.  I'll be sending you warm thoughts tonight and pray for my Riley to give your dog a warm welcome on the other side of the rainbow bridge.  

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Shawna: I would say you are probably 11dpo.... what is your normal LP? If you were expecting AF this past weekend, that seems like an awful short LP. Otherwise, everything looks normal to me.

My normal LP (from day of O to AF) is usually about 8-10 days. Seems too short, right? I guess it's decided to lengthen at least for this month!


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Well, looks like I'm out this month. My temp totally dropped to 97.7 this morning and I got another BFN. This is all so weird as I'm sure my body was almost pregnant and something just didn't catch. Now I just wish that the queasiness, thirst, fatigue, etc., would go ahead and AF would come so I could go on with my life!


I'm pretty sure the problem is that my LP is too short since I know I felt fertilization happen. It's been this way for years, though. What can I do to help?



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AF finally crawled in yesterday... I can be moved to Waiting to O. I don't think I've ever had such a long LP... Sheesh!

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Yep. I just got AF, too. Please add me to the board and move me to Waiting to O.

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AF still hasn't started! No symptoms what so ever. No cramping at all. I usually cramp up really badly the day before AF starts and all through it. Tomorrow is my three year wedding anniversary, so I just would really like to know for sure, either way! I am leaving for my Germany trip on Sunday, without my husband, and I don't want to get a positive test while I am away form him! I just want AF to start, or a test to finally be positive! AF will be four days late tomorrow! It was supposed to start on Monday. UUURRRGH!

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Mylissa - Wow, those are really great numbers from the 48hr test! I wonder if it could fluctuate that much because due to having tests done in such quick succession? At least he has shown he has good numbers though, that's really positive for you guys! I think the every other day think is a good general rule, and like you said even if you don't hit the O date so long as you get in on a few days in your fertile period that is just as good. I hope you're feeling better soon!


A2E - Whoa, it does sound like you had a crazy cycle! I think that's pretty common after a m/c though, I know my cycle after mine was all over the place. Are you going to temp again to keep an eye on what's going on? That's a pretty high temp! You never know what could happen ;)

anyalily - Oh man, I'm sorry! Please feel free to lurk as much as you like, I think once you start on the TTC path it's hard to fully come off it until you're pregnant so I fully understand the desire to wait but just maybe try if you're feeling it. I forget, how long was your LP normally? Perhaps it's a good think it's gotten longer? I'll be thinking of you this weekend :)


WildDoula - How exciting! Both the TTC and the move! Ugh, friends getting pregnant by accident is by far one of the hardest things I find about actively trying, it's hard to not get a bit jealous so you're not alone there :)


Shawnamarie - I'm sorry to hear this :( Have you ever tried Vitamin B or Vitex (Chaste Tree, agnus-castus) to lengthen your LP? I saw a naturopath who put me on Vitex, but I've heard lots of positive things about taking a B complex and lengthening LP's so perhaps that could help?


Stevi - Bummer :( That was a long LP though, which is a positive thing!


AFM - 13DPO here and I started spotting a bit this afternoon. I noticed it after a particularly bad lesson (Yr 9 Maths on a Friday Period 5?? The worst.) and so I just had a little cry in the bathroom at school, ha. I had actually tested this morning and was sure I'd had a squinter but it was dark and hard to tell there's still something faint there now but of course it's way too late to be valid. Weirdly, my temps are still up and I've had no cramping which is unusual for me. If the spotting stops I'll test again, but I'm pretty sure I'm out. 

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