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I found out I was pregnant on the 6th. This will be our 4th baby. We are very excited but are not telling family. My family is semi supportive and dont really believe in big families. We have told some close friends. This will be my second homebirth and 4th natural birth. My last birth was amazing. I am assisting a cpm so I will be using her for this birth. We did tell our children so I am a little nervous about something happening becasue I dont want them to have to worry about that. My last pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and around 9 weeks my water broke, I had alot of bleeding and contractions. Thought I had a full m/c. Turns out we still were pregnant with my sweet little boy. I am secretly hoping for twins this time. Expecially since this one is so far in age from the others and I want 5 my hubby wants 4.

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Congrats, Carrie!!! That's wonderful news!  (I had to look up CPM. The states has very different designations for certain things, and I find that so interesting.)


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welcome :)

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