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What are some good hidden layers?

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Can anyone help?  What are some good hidden layers to use for fitteds?  How about for the inside of soakers (snap in kind as well as inserts to put in pockets)?



Right now the only fabrics I have are PUL, cotton flannel, polyester suedecloth (wanted to use this for the against-skin layer of pockets), and polyester velour (was going to use this for the against-skin layer of fitteds).



Can I find these locally, or do I need to buy online?  I searched every corner of the fabric store for cotton or bamboo velour to no avail.  Are they stay-dry?  Hm.


Well anyways... throw em at me!


Also, what about knit fabrics for the outside of fitteds?  Where can I find that decently cheap?


Oh, and would it be an issue to have cotton flannel as a fitted outer and poly velour as an inner (against skin)? 

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I'm also having issues figuring out how to layer my diapers....



Could I do (for fitteds with snap in soaker):


Outer:  1 layer of cotton knit or cotton flannel


Hidden layer: Cotton or bamboo fleece


Against-Skin layer: Cotton Velour



Snap-in Soaker: Cotton velour outer, Zorb 2 inner *or* double snap-in soaker (think Goodmamas) with cotton velour outer and twoish layers of cotton or bamboo fleece inner.


Would that work?

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I use the diaper kit pattern for my fitted diapers.  I like 4 layers of flannel for the body of the diaper- but you can definitely do other things.  I then use what ends up being 4 layers of cotton fleece for the soaker.  I don't make mine so they snap in- I sew them in the back- snaps seem like a completely unnecessary step.  This is the way Cristeen does/did them too.  She is the diaper making queen here!  Her and my soaker pads are the the complete length of the diaper x2 and are sewed in the back.  They wash really well like that and dry quickly too.


I have made some lovely ones out of cotton velour.  I think I used 2 layers of velour sandwiching 2 layers of flannel- those are just plain wonderful!  But for some reason I think they were pretty expensive.  Maybe they weren't that bad.


I am not a huge fan of synthetic next to the skin- but that is just personal preference.  I tend to want to put something absorbent there and change them more often I guess.  But that said I am going to use some random minkee and poly velour to try out some new pockets.  


You can use anything to make diapers as long as they are an absorbent material...  But unless you have some amazing fabric store- you will have to order most of your cotton/bamboo velour online.  I like VeryBaby.com  they have very nice fabric.  

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i usually do one layer of flannel against the skin, - or two layers of tee-shirt fabric (DH's old recycled tees!)  then either 2 layers of hemp/cotton terry - which i get here:  http://www.hemptraders.com/   OR i use Zorb - since Zorb is so expensive i usually do one layer of cotton terry one layer of Zorb. 

then a layer of PUL - i always make AIO - i never got the hang of covers....

i typically keep my DS in disposables overnight - so i havent done any doublers

 i JUST bought some polar fleece though - so i think i will be trying that stuff out too - hope its not too stiff

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