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Anniversary ideas

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Tomorrow is my anniversary and I'd like some suggestions from you ladies. All I really wanted to do was spend some ...ummmmmmm, how can I say this... "quiet time" with DH, especially since we're going to have the major postpartum dry spell soon. Then we were supposed to have steaks for dinner. Just a quiet and pleasant evening at home. Unfortunately, my babysitter tells me tonight that the only way she can watch the kids is here because something came up at her house, which sort of destroys all my plans. We can go out to eat and so I made reservations for 8:30 tomorrow at a nice place in town, but there's really nothing else I have in mind to do. I almost feel like my entire notion for the night is shot and that we might as well not bother having her come until it's time for us to leave for dinner and then just call it good enough, and I'm REALLY not thrilled with that.


Please give me SOME idea that will be so great that I can get over the last minute change in plans (have I mentioned that I HATE changes in plans and plan things months ahead of time to make sure they go the way I want..... :-p ).

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so i'm not a fancy restaurant kinda girl when i need some us time.  do you have a local park where you guys could take a picnic (even a catered one) to create a little atmosphere and do something a little different?  or, you could be a little more risque, and check out some local hotels...see if one of the nicer ones with room service has a great last minute deal.  order room service in, get a movie on pay per view, and enjoy your time together, even if you don't get to spend the whole night.  good luck and happy anniversary!!

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Chiro, we've considered the hotel route, just for the isolation of it...truly quiet and relaxing. There are TONS of nice parks around here, but by 6:00 it's dark here and so that doesn't seem like an overly viable (and possibly unsafe) option. I think we're going to spend some time downtown, people watching (one of our favorite past times) and looking at the odd little shops we never have reason to frequent, then catch dinner and pick up some really great desert and take it home with us. We've talked oldest DD into taking the younger kids out to play for a little while earlier in the day so we can have some additional time at home. Unless I think of something better in the meantime that's probably what we'll end up doing. I feel like if I'd had more notice I could have planned something better :-p


Still hoping something brilliant will hit me over the head.

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So, Your baby sitter can come to your house? If so, can you go out for dinner, movie, whatever long enough so that when you get home the kids are asleep? Then  you can spend that quiet time together at home.


Life always throws wrenches and interruptions. It's very hard to get time together with little ones around.... DH and I have been interrupted several times... I'm glad that we can both laugh about it. A few weeks ago He and I got away for a night in a hotel for the first time since before our first babe was born 6 1/2 years ago.  I am thankful for it. If it would have been planned a week later, we probably would have had to stay home because our kiddos all started getting sick. Sometimes it's the luck of the draw.


I hope that you find a solution! Good Luck!

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He's on a medication that makes him drowsy in the evening....which has made for a less than perfect pregnancy to this point and really means we need to be done with the evening by about 10. It seems it's going to be what it is and I'm just going to do my best to be okay with whatever time I get...although the way it looks like he's feeling today (judging by this morning), it may be just another normal day :-p Boy, I can't wait till at least one of us is feeling like their normal selves!

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Well, after all was said and done we had a very nice evening. Ended up just sitting quietly and talking, watching TV, etc for most of the evening, but you'd be surprised how nice even that is without 4 kids screaming at you LOL. Then we came home, the younger two were already asleep for the evening and we ordered dinner in. All in all a very nice anniversary!

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Good! Happy Anniversary to you both!


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