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Weekly Chat Thread, 2/13/12

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Morning, everyone. We have had a couple of rough nights/mornings, with Cecilia waking up yelling, "No, no, no, no, no!" No idea what's going on there, but needless to say, I'm exhausted. How's everyone else feeling?


Tomorrow I'm 15 weeks. I can't wait for the next few weeks to go by so I can have my ultrasound!

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Poor baby. Wonder what that's about.


Ugh - my nausea is back even though I'm taking zofran twice a day religiously. I thought I was going to be able to wean myself off of it last week - but it's relentless. I just puked at my desk. I'm over it.


Anyway - I get to see baby again March 7th - at my 18th week fetal survey appt. That's the last time we'll have an ultrasound.

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My mom says she remembered a similar thing around 2 with us kids, when our imagination started to really develop. I guess that means nightmares can develop too. Poor lovey. greensad.gif

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Hi there!


Cecilia's Mama--could it be nightmares? My just 2-year old daughter seems to have started having some of these in the last week or so for the first time. What ever it is, I hope you all get some sleep soon.


As for me, I'm just trying to muddle through with much-too-much work and still feeling exhuasted and nauseous most of the time. I did take more time off than I probably should have this weekend, and had a lovely walk with the whole family to Union Square (downtown San Francisco) yesterday on a beautiful sunny day.  It was as close as I've come to exercise in a while, so that was another added bonus.   But I'm probably going to pay for taking the time in these next two weeks, which are shaping up to be extremely ugly workwise.  I'll be 12 weeks on Thursday, so I'm hoping that some relief from feeling crappy is on the horizon at least.   


I've got my NT ultrasound coming up on Friday (where I will also get the results of my first trimester screening). Excited to see the baby, and a bit scared of finding out there is a high risk of something being wrong.

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Ahh, cross posts---I see your already on the nightmare explaination.

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Yeah, my guess is that it is nightmares. She just passed out a few minutes ago, after two weeks of zero naps, so she knew she had a rough night!

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Oh hey, I forgot I was going to mention this: IKEA advertises that a bunch of their cribs convert into daybeds. That would be a good choice for anyone who is thinking of sidecarring a crib, since they're designed to have one long side come off. In fact, it looks to me like all of the ones on their website convert that way.

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Elsa had a night terror last night.  It was her second or third, I think.  I can tell when it's a nightmare because she'll recover pretty quick and lets me hold and comfort her.  With these, she's inconsolable - she doesn't know where she is or what's happening, so I can tell she's still asleep.  They're horrible.


I've been looking for a stroller to take on walks in our neighborhood.  Our sidewalks are pretty crap, so I've been looking at all-terrain type strollers but man they can be pricey.  I'm not spending more than $200 or so. 


So, considering how adamant I was about not finding out the sex with my first, and still loving the idea of doing the same this time, is it totally off the wall that I think about finding out with this one?  I kind of do want to know this time but I feel like I'd be betraying myself or something, which I know is totally stupid.  lol.gif

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You're entitled to change your mind, Ninetales!

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Hello preggos!!

Let's see. Sorry about the "no's" Aimee and the puking Thebs. That's horrible. Hopefully it will fade soon.


Ninetales, although it is a personal choice, I can only speak from my experience and it was so fun to know before hand. I can see how awesome it would be too though to not know until delivery.

Maybe that could help with pushing? LOL, maybe just for me.


I am starting to get a little bit obsessed. I feel like all I can talk about, or think about is the new life that is coming for us. I even bought dd a "I'm a big sister" book. I guess I am just so excited!

Plus, I am feeling a thousand times better this week (13 wks)

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Glad you're feeling so much better, dovemama!  I felt immediately better at 13 weeks, other than some headaches.  Very exciting!


C's M, I've been looking at Ikea stuff too, though my husband is worried about quality issues.  I think most of the cribs are solid wood.  I wouldn't want to get anything made of compressed wood or anything that gives off fumes for the next 1000 years.  We're still debating a sidecar crib, but we don't have much space...


Ninetales, we're not finding out this time, but I could see finding out earlier for the next one.  It might be nice to switch it up!


AFM, I am in total slacker work mode.  I went to my usual work spot (my local coffee shop) completely intent on finishing the conclusion to my book and I ended up writing two pages before I had to quit in defeat.  I came home and finished up my syllabi for next quarter, but I am so frustrated I could cry.  My brain will literally not focus on anything intellectually demanding for more than an hour.  So I guess I'll have to just work for an hour and then give up.  I have one month before classes start and I need to have this book completely finished.  I just don't know what I'm going to do.  :( 


Otherwise though, I'm feeling full of energy.  All I want to do is clean.  My MIL bought us our first actual baby gift the other day and it's the cutest set of onesies with giraffes on one and ducks on the other and little duck bill socks.  I can't freaking wait to see little fat baby legs sticking out of those socks.  We added it to the Johnny Cash onesie my husband and I bought a few weeks back.  So far we've been fairly good about not accumulating too much.  Still waiting for the list of stuff we'll inherit from my SILs. 

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Ninetails, dont' do it, don't do it. LOL.  The surprise is so fun!  :)


Lilytiger, just work with it.  You know, you can only do so much.  Try not to feel bad about it. You are pregnant and it's taking all your body's resources.


My 2 year old has woken up several times in nightmares too...no night terrors...that sounds horrible. But the bad dreams are bad enough.  The other night I was so grateful that i was RIGHT THERE.  Because she would have really worked herself up in another room.  I know everyone doesnt co sleep, but I wonder if parents who sleep train go to their little ones in the night if they wake up crying.  It made me sad to think about it.  I dont mean any offense to anyone who sleep trains.

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Totally weird - my son has been waking up with nightmares as well lately. I wonder if it's just the age or something else? Either way, it's pretty horrible and I feel so bad for him. I don't try to wake him up or anything because I read a long time ago that whatever you do around them can enter into their nightmare. :-(


Ninetales - I'm with intime0, don't find out! ;-)


Rebecca - I'm sorry that you're feeling anxious about your results. I think I avoid doing any of those tests because I don't want to worry about the "what ifs." I figure that my body is pretty good at rejecting babies that aren't "perfect" (read: 3 miscarriages), so if a pregnancy continues beyond 7 1/2 weeks, there must not be (read: hopefully is not) something wrong. I totally get why other people do the testing, though. It can help you deal with your reaction sooner if something *is* wrong. In any event, I hope it all goes well for you and you get to see your beautiful, perfect babe!


I was really hoping that 14 weeks would bring some energy and decreased nausea, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. I'm still not feeling well and I have so many food aversions. Plus, I blacked out in the shower on Sunday. I've been taking hot showers throughout this pregnancy and I've never had an issue before, but I must have been in too long or something because I had to call for my partner to come and catch me before I fell out of the shower. It took about 5 minutes or so for my vision to come back. Has this happened to anyone else? I have really low blood pressure in the first place, but this was totally unexpected!



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Happy Valentines Day everyone!  stillheart.gif


sallyrae - yikes, that's scary!  Thankfully your DH was home to help you out, do you plan to bring that up to your doc/midwife?  I normally have low blood pressure too (I see stars when I get up or move too quickly) and if I did have nausea during this pregnancy then I too would probably have a serious balance issue.....


dovemama - glad you're feeling better (right on schedule!); thebyr - hopefully you'll be reporting the same in no time!


rebecca - 12 weeks, yay!  Hopefully you'll be feeling better real soon as well; good luck w/work and your u/s this week!


Sorry to hear about the babes who are having nightmares/terrors lately!  Poor little ones!  Hope it's just a very short and temporary experience and that you're soon able to carry on w/uneventful evenings!!


I'm going into week 16 here and really feeling like this pregnancy is sticking and here to stay!  DH is back home this week (which means I have someone to talk to other than our dog), so we are busy catching up on all things married & pregnant.  Busy coordinating upcoming doc. visits with his work travel plans over the next month so that he's not missing any, and on top of that we're still trying to sort out the 'big picture' logistics (like WHO is going to deliver this baby and WHERE), spanning 3 different states right now!  The little countdown clock is ticking in my head, on this matter....  Thus, we haven't even begun to think about picking up any baby gear, items or clothes yet.  I am starting to browse maternity clothes online, but I think I've got a few more good weeks in my existing wardrobe of yoga pants.....  :)


Oh, and my brother and his wife delivered a beautiful baby girl over the weekend (a home birth!).  Sooo exciting to see her little face (via skype, until I can visit next month) and I'm in awe to think of how I'll be holding my own in just a few months!


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I think I've pinpointed the reason I'm considering finding out with this one.  With my first I knew how everything was going to go - where I'd deliver, how I'd deliver, exactly how everything would be.  Then it all went completely wrong.  There was absolutely nothing in my control, or at least it felt like that.  With this one, I realize I don't know how big it will be, what kind of labor I'll have, how I'll deliver, or even a really good idea of when.  Finding out would be one thing I could hold onto where at least I would know the outcome.  A tiny bit of control, you know?

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I think it sounds like a valid reason to me, Ninetales. And, as someone who did find out last time and plans to find out this time, I assure you, there are still PLENTY of surprises you have when the baby comes! Memorizing that perfect little face and features, holding that tiny little hand, learning the personality of your babe...none of that comes from an ultrasound. smile.gif

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Happy Valentine's day too!!!!

Aimee, you just made me so weepy with joy and excitement!!! All of those things are so true!!!


Newmumjoy, congrats on the 16 week milestone!!

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It is snowing in the desert and I have a ridiiiiiiiiiiiculous headache from the low air pressure. Blah.

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It snowed in Tucson? We had some weird freaky weather in Phoenix by South Mountain where it was freezing and then in the afternoon the sun came back. Darn it, I want to see snow!

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Oh man, sorry to hear that Aimee! Hope you feel better! I didn't know it snowed in AZ, but then again I have only been to Phoenix!

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