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Veritas! Look at that cute baby!! Happy to hear everything is well!!

Good luck on the job situation.

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such a bummer. . DS has some sort of flu now and infection in his eye :( its really unfortunate .. looking forward to everyone not being sick in our house, its starting to feel like it will never happen.. !

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Veritas - hooray for the great u/s, love the pic!  But sorry to hear about the job not coming through.  Good luck, I'm sure you'll get something worked out, there is still plenty of time....


ithappened - I can't believe your DS is now sick and w/an eye infection!  SO sorry!!

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Veritas--congrats on the ultrasound--sorry about the job though!  Sending good vibes that it will all work out. 


Hope everyone is on the mend soon, ithappened!


We had our NT ultrasound on Friday too.  Everything looked perfect and we got great results from the screening. Yay!! Here's our little peanut:




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rebecca - whooohoo!  That's an amazing image!  I hope that we get a chance to see 3D pics during this pregnancy....

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Wow, Rebecca, that picture is amazing!
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Beautiful pictures of babies!! Congrats to you both on healthy pregnancies!!!!

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wow how cool a 3d image!



Last night DS got really sick and his eyes sort of swelled shut/full of puss- so we took him to the ER in the middle of the night. I think I have reached a new level of exhaustion and sickness this pregnancy. Its horrible. . . I am so stressed out additional at work- this week at work was suppose to be a huge contract negotiation for this fall/next year which I am most likely going to have to cancel as a result of DS being sick. It basically jeopardizes the small window of time I had (the last 2 weeks) to have this contract signed before the offer would expire and suddenly I feel really helpless. I can't even take DS to the meeting because he is too sick to leave the apartment (vomit, yeah).


DS looks like he has been in a boxing match he is so swollen in his face from this sinus/eye infection. I sound like Im a chain smoker because my throat is so rough and raw from the coughing.. we're one big train wreck. I haven't slept more then a few hours a night for 4 nights or so now and its really taking a toll on me, I was naturally exhausted from the pregnancy but the lack of sleep feels like a torture device.



Its times like this, if we just had even one family member around, it could save us.

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oh man - I feel for you, ithappened.  Do you have anyone you trust to sit for you? 

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I should add that I got to hear the baby's heartbeat this week! It was pretty emotional for me because I realize that, so far, this pregnancy has felt more like a bad virus than a pregnancy. It took my doc a bit of time to find it, since I have a retroverted uterus, but when she heard it, I just felt tears squirting from my eyes in a cartoon-like fashion. It was a bigger relief that I anticipated. I really needed some kind of confirmation, I guess. Next week is the NT scan and I'm both excited / nervous about it.


In other news, I'm still about 4-5 days bunged up, if you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure that my growing pooch is about half baby and half poop. 

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-Hugs- Ithappened. I'm so sorry, you've just been having a horrible time. YAY, on the heartbeat MS.Zelda! That is exactly how I felt, and I think Dp too when we saw the baby. Also, I feel you on the poo :(
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Do you have anyone you trust to sit for you? 


no :(

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That totally sucks, ithappened. Try to remember that the idea of work / family balance is an ideal, not a reality most of the time. Right now, it is tipping to the family side, because DS needs you so much. It's impossible to have both thriving all the time, in my opinion. I, too, usually let the career side give when the family side is needy, and while others might disagree, I don't think you will regret it in the long run. You are only one person. You can only stretch so far. Be gentle with yourself and give you and DS sometime to get healthy without putting huge demands on yourself. Good luck.

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ithappened - so sorry that your son is now sick!  I hope he gets better soon!!  Good luck w/everything that you're going through right now.  It'll all work out in the end, you just gotta keep hanging in there and stay strong....  

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ithappened, so sorry.


mszelda, that sounds like a natural reaction to hearing the heart beat! 


My biggest complaint right now is the return of the migraines.  GOOD GRACIOUS.  I cannot function this way. I have 5 kids at home, and we homeschool. I had to cancel a lady coming over to talk homeschooling...and may have to cancel my 12 year olds bible study class. Which wont make her happy. But i cant get off the couch.  I'm sure my little one needs  a diaper change but the only way she lets me change her is if i chase her.  I'm not chasing her. (Pee only...LOL)


Another weird thing is that my nipples just started hurting...FIRST time this pregnancy.


and my 2 year odl has weaned.  She tells me the milk is yucky.  She wont even suck.  She just looks at it and says yucky. I know this is what child lead weaning is, and I should be happy that she decided on her own...but I'm not.


AND, I'm SO TIRED. words do not express. How is this possible this far into the pregnancy.  When am I going to feel good?  usually by now I'm great.


Done complaining. 

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Originally Posted by intime0 View Post

AND, I'm SO TIRED. words do not express. How is this possible this far into the pregnancy.  When am I going to feel good?  usually by now I'm great.

I was wondering the same thing this pregnancy.. Im going into week 16-17 and I am still really nothing but exhausted and more exhausted.

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