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How in the world did those get up there and who should be contacted about removing them ASAP!?

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The pictures are gone now.  Thank goodness.


What the (*^&(*_)(_&*&%&%^^&$ was that about?!  

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@ Pinkbruise - 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I'm unsure if you called the FBI or if another user who saw those images did, but either way we were informed of the threat less than 2 hours after the images had been uploaded and thanks to the FBI's timely response as well as to the Huddler team's quick work, we removed the content before it had been viewed by too many our our users.  


I am so sorry you had to see those - and we'll be keeping an eye out to make sure that any further threat to the comfort and safety of our users is handled quickly and efficiently.  

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Hi folks.  I'm not totally sure what happened.  Please make sure you report anything further you see, PM me directly or even email me at adinan@mothering.com. It looks like someone targeted our site.  The folks at Huddler, including Briana above, acted quickly on the report and removed everything.  I'm very sorry.  


ETA: there should be a flag button on images just as there is on posts.  If you click that it will generate a report to the mods.  Otherwise PMing me, or Cynthia Mosher is a fast way to let us know so that we may remove them.  

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Ugh, I saw them too.puke.gifBeen feeling sick over it all afternoon.  I wasn't sure what to do, I figured there would be a flag button, but I did NOT want to click on a picture to find it.  I ended up posting over in questions and suggestions.  Glad to hear it is safe to look now. 

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I completely understand.  Feel free to contact me directly at any time if anything else like this happens, or even if you just aren'tt sure, but something sets alarm bells off.  I am so sorry.  We have lots of eyes watching now, so we should be able to intercept anyone attempting to do this again.

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@blenz  Nope it wasn't me who called the FBI.  I had no idea what to do in such a circumstance.  I hope I never encounter that again.



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I have been feeling sick over this too.  Only looked long enough to understand what I was seeing before I closed everything down.  Ew, ew, ew!  Erasing this from my memory now.

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