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Need to figure out how to CD DD2??

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I CDed my DS1 for about first 18 months but then switched to sposies cause I had a ton of issues with diaper rash. I am committed to making it work this time, and wonder if there was anything I did wrong (e.g. I never heard of stripping them, so never did). I have a stash of prefolds and covers, and am due with DS2 at the end of March. I am wondering what do I need to do with the diapes I have? I live in Phoenix, AZ and we have very hard water. I am also registered for AIO bum genius, I don't know if I will get them, but if  I do, what should I do with those to get them ready for the new baby? 

Thank you so much!! I have spent over an hour looking through the diapering forum but can't seem to find my answers :(

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I'd definitely strip them. Here is some good info about different methods. http://itsybitsybums.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-strip-diapers.html


^that's a great CD resource and the owner is super nice and helpful. 


A big thing is always using as much water as possible. If you have a top loader always put it on 'super' or whatever the highest water level is and if you have a front loader you may need to put a wet towel in with your diapers to 'trick' the washer into using more water.I have hard water too and I have to periodically strip them. My wash routine in general is cold wash no soap, hot wash with soap, and cold rinse no soap.  Another thing that helps is around once a month I change it up and soak the diapers in cold water then do a  cold wash no soap (to get the nasties off) Then a hot wash with no soap and I add a kettle of boiled water to the hot water (NOT on the diapers but to the already full washer) then a hot wash with soap and a final cold rinse. That will only work if you have a top loader though. I use crunchy clean brand detergent but I do know people have had success with RockNGreen 'hard rock' formula which is made for hard water. 


 If you get the BGs for the baby you only need to wash them once or twice before you can use them but they won't be at maximum absorbancy until they've been washed a bunch. Synthetic fibers only need to be washed a few times but if you use natural fibers (especially hemp) they will need to be washed about 5 times (or boiled if there is no snaps or elastic) to get out the oils.


Cloth diapering has totally been worth it for our family. I hope it works out for you! Congrats and good luck!

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Thank you so much, such useful info!!!! Thank you again

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