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Ahh I am the only one !?!

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Well I took a test this mornign and it's positive. Looks like I'll be due in January 2005. I've not had AF so I don't have an exact date only an estimated date of conception.

Symtoms just hit me lick a freight train about 4 days ago.

I am eager for someother January 2005 mamas to pop in here !
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Are you sure you will be January?I'm still waiting to test (have to wait at least till Sunday)and then i would be due Dec 28th(i hope!)Still too early for me to test.So if you just tested positive i would think you are due around xmas!
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Oh my time of conception( i Hope!) was the 6th of April.
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Hmmm that would make you end of december I think. I conceived April 10 2002 and was due Jan 1/2 2003.
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Truthfully I don't have a clue.:LOL Guess I'll have to wait and see.
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Hi :-)

We conceived April 7 and my due date is December 30. You may still be in December!
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I just tested positive this morning! I'll be due Jan 3, am I the first one here?
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I tested yesterday and again this am. I am due on the 4th, according to fertility friend. Puts time of conception at the 12 or so. Not too many symptoms yet, just passing nausea yesterday.

Good to see you all here!

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I got my BFP on Monday!! My due date is Jan. 5, 2005! this is #4 for me and #2 for DH. I look forward to getting to know other dd buddies here.
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Add me!!! I got my first positive test on Monday. Due date is 1/5/05. I'll be right there with ya Lilguymommy!

Yeah for all of us!!
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me too!

got my positive just like that on monday! first try. i am 38 and baby-loo 15 mnths is still nursing like mad so we were a bit surprised but happy too!! yipee!
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Good morning Lovebugmama and Hollyhobbie! Congrats to both of you!! How are you guys feeling? I am so sick with morning sickness YUck :Puke ANd to think I could have 8 more weeks of this. This is the worse I have had it.
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hmm, due dates!

last time i went with my O date which made my due date earlier then i got freaked out as i got closer to being over that by a few days cause here they start doing interventions like ultrasounds and stuff if you are 10 days late. and other non-stress tests or something. which i guess should not be that big of a deal but with no intervention up to that point i didnt want to start at 41 weeks if you know what i mean. went for accupuncture though and baby-loo was born that weekend or well monday i guess. i forget already. so...i think i will pick january 9 as my due date according to LMP since i wasnt temping and cant be 100% sure of O. although i feel like i am 99% sure. i gotta work on my signature but i hear loo howling even though she is with her dad. i have a bad feeling that my milk supply is slowing down already. i hate to say dry up! sounds so sad.

and yeah, i have been more nauseated with this pg than last and i also had itchy palms and soles of the feet which was annoying. but i dont feel too bad yet. sleeping with the loo at naptime seems to help even though i wake up all disoriented, droolin and having bad dreams!!! :
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Tested on Friday and thought I had a BFN. Then I pulled it out today JUST to be sure and I thought I saw a really faint line. Then I'm thinking, this is totall wishful thinking!!! Took it to my friends house and asked her if she saw a faint (and I do mean FAINT) line and she said yes. But said I should test again. I did, the line came right through BFP!!!!!!!! Due the day befor DH's b-day!!!! So psyched!!!!!
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Congrats and Welcome embens!! What is the due date? Maybe there will be a due date buddy here.
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congrats and welcome to you embens!! isnt just too exciting?? i think my due date is stuck on jan 07 since that is what my midwife i and decided. i dunno about 7 but i doubt the beany baby will be born that day. its a friday i think. still feeling pukey over here. almost tossed in the sink this morning. i didnt have much MS last time and i was wondering what you do if you start gaggin like that in public!!! how's everyone else feelin??
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My due date is 1/05/05 too! Went to the doc yesterday and it is all confirmed! Tired, especially since I have a two year old on top of it!
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I'm with you on the tired bit and having a very active 2yo makes it even more!!! Here is to the 2nd trimester coming quickly!!!!
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I here ya!

Ya, how do you do it? My toddler is very active too, very smart...wants to be up with the sun too. I put him to bed a bit before eight and this morning he woke at 5:30 - usually he gives me til closer to six. Ugh! There is hardly any night now - too much sun! Hurry up June 21st and after!
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Not quite sure how I manage. Josh isn't up until his sisters are up for school around 7am but I can't sleep in anymore I'm up by 6. Josh will take a 2hour nap but that is my only quiet so I don't like to use it to sleep. LOL I'm just so tired today and my m/s is all day sickness. Bleck!!
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