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Boy - I wish Grant would sleep til 7. Its so light outside for so long that he goes to sleep when the sun is still up (around 7:45) but wakes up by six. Ugh! Is his room really dark? Does he have a lovey of any kind?
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Nope his room is our room, we haven't moved him yet. We have skylights in or room so it is really bright in there. He still has is pacifier for bed, some kids just need more sleep I guess. Afternoons are rough on me because I'm tired but I need to help the girls with homework and get dinner. Here is sending you vibes.
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Can one be a little bit pregnant?

Ummm - I just took 4 (yes, 4) pregnancy tests. : (Yes, I'm a wee bit obsessive...or nuts!) Three of them have faint lines. The fourth one is one of those (perhaps silly) digital readout ones and it said 'not pregnant'! We've been trying and to be honest, I think I am. Dont' really have any symptoms yet and period isn't due till Monday. Still, I just got this feeling last night and took one test and there was that faint line.

Anyway - due date based on LMP would be Jan 13. But, I ovulated on day 18(ish) and usually have a 32 day cycle so would push my due date to Jan 16 or so.

Yay! We've been trying. But - I have a 15 month old who is still nursing and am worried about losing milk. Am planning to tandem so hopefully he'll stay with it even through the dry spells. What do you give them instead of bm when you're dried up? (Sorry - that might be another thread.)

In a way, I would have liked to space them a bit further apart. But am almost 40 and early menopause runs in the family. Figured I didn't have that much time. DS took a while to conceive as well. Also, DH has really been anxious to get started again...try to : that is. And this from a man who could not even bring himself to say the words "yes - lets try to have a baby" the first time around. Now, he's the one going..."OK - what day is it...is it the right time?...whens your period?" Etc. Makes me laugh. And feel happy.

s and to all us January moms. Glad to be here.

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welcome nelybel!! i am sure you are pg. your story sounds alot like mine! i also have a 15 month babe and am going to be 39 by the time this one gets born! i have a feeling it is a boy this time. i read that those digital pg tests in the states only test positive at a high number of whatever you need to have in your urine. i am not worried about losing my milk. well i mean i hope boo can nurse til 18 months or so but i am secretly hoping she weans herself around then. i have been doing some reading and i am not sure i am cut out to do tandem nursing. daytimes yes but boo is such a frequent waker and has been for most of her life that the nights will kill me. i want to cry even thinking about it now. i mean ideally i would love to tandem but i want to be a good mom, yknim? anyways, your babe can have whole milk if there are no allergies. boo still gets forumla when i am not around or in the car on a longer trip which is hypoallergenic b/c of nasty allergy stuff. i am hoping to switch her to just milk by about 18 months b/c actually she isnt allergic to milk. blah blah blah. but there are other choices like soy but that seems a bit loaded too these days. pm me anytime you feel like chatting...i have a feeling this could get sticky some days ild
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Is your daughter's nickname boo? If so, that is a wierd coincidence, because so is mine. It started as boo sometime in the 2nd week after she was born. Now its just what we call her.

too cool.

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yup, boo or loo or boo-loo. cassia seems a bit formal i guess for a teeny tiny baby. it's tough to think of a name for the next one so we are just using beany baby right now. beany and boo. she's our dear boo. i was worried about having another that i wouldnt be able to love it as much. maybe when i gets more real. i guess your feelings shift toward the smaller one at some point then it all evens out...
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Hello! I just got my BFP yesterday! I figure I am due Jan 17 (based on the first day of my last period). We conceived either April 27 (day 16) or 21 (day 21). Probably the former since I was feeling nausea by the 22nd. I'm still nursing my 20 month old. We had just decided we would try to conceive in July, August or September, so she would be sure to get her full 2 years of nursing, and I would get a baby born in spring, but I guess other plans were in store for us. We always seem to conceive just when we've decided it would be best to do so in a few months.
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Me too!!

I thought I would join in with all of you lovely ladies to the January 5, 2005 due date club! With all of us having the same edd, one of us is bound to to deliver exactly on that date! Looking forward to getting to know you all....
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Hello and congratulations to everyone!!!!

I just took a test this morning after a weekend of what I thought was endless PMS. I guess not! My due date should be January 16. This will be number 3 for us!
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Chocomoto - I figure my due date is about Jan 16 too! This will be number 2 for us.

Thanks for the welcome Holly! I took the other digital test last night...and this time it said 'pregant'. Guess its true. Now that I'm a few days in...am finding it a little hard to believe. Like its not real somehow. This, despite the fact that I definitely feel something odd and different in my uterus area. (Whatever that means).

Anyhoo - just wanted to pop in and say yup - I think I'm really pregnant!

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Hi all!!!
Just found out my due date is Jan. 14. This must be a really fertile time of year for me as my other two children were born Jan. 1st and Feb. 17. Weird...

Anyway looking forward to chatting with you all.
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Mamamaya, this is a fertile time for my whole family. My 2 sisters and now 2 of our 3 children will be January babies. Hmmm...must be a spring/fertility thing. Welcome and congrats too!
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