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Oh, Golly. How is this even possible?

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Hi ladies,


I just got back from the gyno. I went because I'd been having some pains in my lower abdomen, and I'd thought maybe I was having problems with endometriosis again. Doc said she wanted to do a pelvic exam to make sure everything felt right.


Her eyes got wide, and she looked up at me and asked me if I could be pregnant. DP and I have been on again off again for years, and he's not DD's father (long story). We were together once right after DD was born, and a handful of times since then. We're pretty serious now (just got engaged, in fact!) so I figured it might be a possibility even though AF hadn't returned since DD was born. 


Well, we did a test, and got a BFP. yikes2.gifGyno wanted to do an ultrasound to see how far along I might be since I had no idea. She said my uterus felt big, but didn't appear too terribly worried. Anyway, as soon as the u/s image popped up on the screen, I gasped. It looked like a near-term baby!!! My due date is estimated to be April 15th. jaw.gifOh, lord. DD will not even be 10 months when this one is born!! I held onto about 10 pounds of DD's baby weight, but I don't have any discernible belly. WHAT. I'm so confused. I've had no morning sickness, felt no movement (until now, I'd just thought it was gas). 


How is this even possible?? We had sex earlier than my pp check up, but I felt fine. I'm terrified. I'm still processing everything. Oy. 


Also, this is perhaps a question for the breastfeeding forum, but DD is still EBF except for a very small amount of baby-led solids. My milk supply seems ok, and she's still gaining weight beautifully. Do I have anything to worry about here?


Somebody call TLC! Oy, ladies, talk me down!! How could I have bee 31 WEEKS pregnant and not know it????


TO SUM UP, jaw2.gifjaw.gifconfused.gifduh.giflol.giflove.giffaint.gif

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just wanted to say...oh my goodness!! you must be in so much shock!! "call TLC" is right! have you been taking vitamins and/or eating well? i'd be worried most about your own physical health/strength. obviously your children are doing well :) i hope everything goess smoothly from here out!

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Wow, what a HUGE thing to have to grasp in such a short period of time! I can only imagine how close your two LOs are going to be since they are so close in age.

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Wow, well, congratulations!  And oh my, that would be quite a big surprise to adjust to.

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Wow that's crazy! Congrats! That would be so exciting yet so shocking at the same time.

Hope everything goes well from this point on. God bless you and your little ones smile.gif
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WOW- congrats... oh my . I have heard of this happening but wow. You will sure have your hands full.:)

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As far as breastfeeding, it usually suppresses fertility if there is very frequent suckling (co-sleeping and sometimes napping with baby too), and no bottles or pacifiers (search 'ecological' breastfeeding).

Best wishes to you and your little one.... both of them smile.gif 

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I know! Which is so weird, since we've coslept since day one and I usually lay down with her when she naps. She's also an all-night-buffet kind of kid. She had bottles three times a week for about 3 months when I had to go to school (I was only gone for 3 hours 3 times a week). Girl breastfeeds A LOT. Which is why I was so shocked. I hadn't even gotten a period yet! I just assumed AF hadn't resumed yet. I'm slowly coming to terms with everything. I decided not to find out the sex, to keep a bit of the surprise going! 

Originally Posted by Asiago View Post


As far as breastfeeding, it usually suppresses fertility if there is very frequent suckling (co-sleeping and sometimes napping with baby too), and no bottles or pacifiers (search 'ecological' breastfeeding).

Best wishes to you and your little one.... both of them smile.gif 


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wow! congratulations!

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Oh my!  What a huge surprise!  Congratulations mama!!!

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Wow!! Congratulations!!

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Thanks, everyone!! I'm starting to get excited at the prospect of my little ones being so close in age. I was an only child, and DD was going to be an only child, but I think we're in for a fun ride :)

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Wow!  Congrats!  And (obviously) it's possible to get pregnant so soon.  I exclusively nurse on demand and co-sleep, etc.. My AF comes back pretty much right away.  Fortunately I knew it was a strong possibility since my sister and brother are less than a year apart and my mom warned me. :)  I'd also say if your supply has kept up this long, you will be fine! Mine usually starts dwindling as soon as I get pregnant.  I'm glad you were able to nurse through it.

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Holy moly! That's huge.


This is such a fear for me that I refuse to sleep with my husband until one of us gets a permanent fix. 


On the one hand, two close together is challenging early on. On the other hand, you've gotten through 31 weeks of pregnancy with next to no symptoms, and that's got to count for something, right? And two close together can be much, much easier down the road.

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Ha, i'm crashing from the front page.


Congratulations!  That is really rather amazing news! :D


Whether or not breastfeeding suppresses ovulation can be genetic too.  My mother had her first 3 boys on July 20th, June 20th and May 20th of 3 consecutive years.  Both times she was told "breastfeed and you won't get pregnant", both times she went (late) to her post-partum check up with a blue cervix and another little one in progress.  When i had DD1 i breastfed on demand and my first PP AF was at 6weeks PP, i was having it at my 6 week check at 6weeks+4 days PP.


With DD2 i breastfed on demand and my AF stayed away for almost 4 months which was AMAZING.  The big difference i would attribute to DD1 having sucked her thumb and DD2 not (i'm her only pacifier!) but DD1 was born sucking her thumb so there wasn't much i could do about it.


Best of luck with your forthcoming arrival! :D

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Oh my gosh!  I can't imagine the shock!


You know, having two kids at all has it's challenges, whether they're 1 year apart, 3 years apart, or 5.  I bet this first year with two littles will really stretch you, but what fun it will be to grow up with a sibling so close in age!  I'm happy and excited for your family.


Now, go rest!

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I'm absolutely THE WORST about waiting for things, so I've decided I'm not going to find out the sex before this baby is born. I mean, what other chance am I ever going to have to only have to wait two months to find out?

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I just wanted to say that you are NOT ALONE.


Our stories are very similar.  I didn't know I was pregnant for ~17 weeks (I know that's not 31, but still). The only "symptom" that I had (and the reason that I took the pregnancy test) was that my milk supply had tanked, and DS had started to lose weight.  If it hadn't been for that, I can easily see that I would have gotten to the third tri without knowing.  I had no morning sickness, no fatigue (other than being up all night with an infant), no weight gain (I wasn't losing my post-partum weight, but I've always struggled with losing weight).


My little ones will be 14 months apart, which is shocking, and very difficult for me to handle - I am very overwhelmed by it.  My brothers are 6 and 8 years younger than me and my DH is an only child.  We did want a second child eventually, but definitely not this soon.


We were also relying on lactational amenorrhea, and were EBF, co-sleeping, limiting pacis, etc.  I did pump three times a day after going back to work, but had a great response with the pump.  I was going to start paying attention to my fertility signs when DS started solids.  That turned out to be (at least) 6 weeks too late.


I have felt very alone in this.  And to be completely honest, kind of stupid about the whole thing.  So I want you to know that you are not alone.  I am here too.  Hearing your story certainly helps me feel less alone.  And we can do this, mama.  I know it's overwhelming, but it's going to be awesome too.  PM me if you would like to chat.  I don't really have many people to talk to about this either.



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Wow. I can't imagine being in that situation. How crazy must it be to not have known you were pregnant this far into it. Whoah. But exciting! You must have just been very pre-occupied with other things, and not even thinking that it was a possibility. I know I wouldn't be thinking about it. Especially since you're breastfeeding and you haven't gotten your period. Craziness! Well, congrats and just think, you'll be getting another blessing soon :)

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I am just as surprised about the pregnancy as I am that you were able to get it on so soon after delivering! Way to heal! That's the last thing I wanted to even think about then!
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