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What type of hair do you and/or your family members have?

Thick, very slightly wavey, blonde.

Our water quality is moderately hard to hard.

How long have you been 'poo free?  What are the changes, if any, that you've noticed in your hair/scalp?

8ish years. My skin (both scalp and in general) is much clearer (and yes, this is definitely because of no-poo and not because I'm older). I think shampoo was my entire acne problem. My hair feels more course unless I've just done BS/ACV in the past few days but looks fine, at least IMO.


What is your no 'poo routine? 

Water daily. Conditioner once a week usually. BS/ACV about once every 3 weeks or so when I feel like I'm getting buildup - more often than that and I lose too much hair.


When I do BS/ACV, I take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with just enough water to make a paste, which I then rub directly into the problem areas. Let it sit for a few minutes (this saponifies the hair oils), then, when it is a little lathery, rub through the rest of the hair and rinse well. Then I do a few tablespoons ACV in a cup of water (I just eyeball this, not actually measure) to neutralize any remaining baking soda.


My relationship with no-poo changed when I found this - before, I didn't think it worked well with my hair. Now, if I do this, my hair looks and feels shampooed.


What "products" do you use? (baking soda, ACV, oils, lemon juice, etc. etc.) 

Baking soda, ACV (or white vinegar if we don't have ACV), conditioner (Suave works best for me. I found that natural brands tend to give my scalp a musty smell after a few days. Same with flax seed gel when I tried that). I've tried other random things in the past (tea and coffee rinses), but they haven't given me exciting enough results to do faithfully.


What gets rid of dandruff/flaky scalp?

Not my problem, so I don't know.


What are your recipes, if any? 

I'm not that creative.


Do you ever wash your hair? (When it gets cut, if it gets really dirty with dirt or smoke, etc.)  If so, do you have to start from square 1?

I wash my hair regularly, as described above. Just without using shampoo :) Saying people who do no-poo don't wash their hair is sending the wrong impression - we're just using alternative cleaning products. Specifically, products that many people use to clean bathrooms and kitchens and other places that need to be clean.


I used to shampoo before special occasions. Then I finally made the connection that this was why I always (and only) broke out on special occasions. Now I do BS/ACV instead on those occasions and it works just fine. Usually I do it a day or two before if I have enough warning, because I feel like my hair behaves better after a day or two.


However, when I did use shampoo, I definitely wasn't starting over from square 1 when I did.


If something really horrible got in my hair I'd shampoo and deal with the effects, but that has yet to happen. ACV is often recommended for getting smoke out of hair.


What are people's reactions when they find out you are 'poo free?  Any funny stories to share?

I don't tend to talk about it except on the rare occasion that someone else who is interested in it brings the topic up.

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My partner's shampoo-free. It just doesn't work with their hair, makes it really dry and awful, so they go conditioner only and always have. I don't know their exact ritual or anything- I don't know how often, etc. I just know that every few weeks the tangles get bad enough that I have to spend half an hour combing it out.  I think my partner's basically always been shampoo-free. At least as long as they've been growing their hair out, so quite a few years. My partner has thin, curly hair.


LO's shampoo-free as well. Baby was born with a full head of hair and easily dried-out skin. Because I couldn't find baby conditioner we stupidly used shampoo the first few weeks, which left to horrible dry scalp for my poor baby. The pediatrician suggested mineral oil and a prescription cream- but to continue shampooing. We just tracked down a good, baby-safe conditioner and suddenly there was no more dry-scalp problems. :eyesroll

We'll see what puberty brings, but I'm expecting that baby will be shampoo-free for a very long time.


I try going shampoo-free periodically but have a really hard time of it. I try just using conditioner, just combing it out, etc. Every time I do- my scalp gets itchy as @#$, the oiliness builds up, etc. If I only use conditioner, I still feel like I need to wash my hair, it doesn't do anything. It gets horribly itchy after just a few days, so trying to go longer is torture, I basically spend my entire day scratching my scalp off. Maybe there's a hump I have to get over- but getting over it is just too hard for me. My hair is thick and curly.

After reading @luckiest's post, I may start trying using Grandma's Natural Soap on my hair as well. I LOVE it for my face.

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Claire, it sounds like we have similar hair. How is it going now for you?

I've been no poo for 10 months now. I do baking soda and acv twice a week. I have had eczema my whole life, so I try to avoid washing my hair more than that. I shower as needed but don't get my hair wet most days. In the last month, I've had a flare up of eczema along with my seasonal allergies, and its been especially bad on my scalp. The baking soda really soothes it. Is it ok to use baking soda more frequently, or will it damage my fine, thin hair?
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Originally Posted by mcb2102 View Post

Claire, it sounds like we have similar hair. How is it going now for you?


Not that great!  The egg wash made my hair feel cleaner but it got really waxy.  I did an apple sauce wash, dried it and then had to get back in the shower to wash it again because of the little pieces of apple.  It was amazing at getting rid of the wax though.  Then I did a few BS washes with a black tea rinse and my hair seemed quite OK, I could wear it down.  Then I made the mistake of reading a blog that said that BS was way to harsh for your hair, would cause long term damage and your hair to break and suggested washing with a solution of honey and water.  Big mistake if you've got greasy hair!!  It was so bad, my face and back felt greasy too.  I then got sick and my eczema was flairing up so I ended up caving and washing with what I hope is 'low poo' Urtekram nettle shampoo.



It lathers a bit which feels great but I really notice that with anything but traditional shampoo I have a hard time getting the hair at the nape of my neck clean.  I only have traditional conditioner at the mo which might make everything pointless.  My hair also really needs blow drying otherwise it looks crap.


I really wanted this to work so I'm hoping if I can get my eczema under control I can start again in a while.  I will also use a clarifying shampoo next time.


I don't have a lot of experience with BS so I'm not sure if it will damage your hair or not.  I don't know what to put on my eczema because most creams then make my hair line look greasy.

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Sorry if this has already been asked, I haven't made it all the way though the posts yet. I was wondering if anyone else has really hard water? I did the bs/acv thing ages ago and it worked pretty well but where we are living now has hard water and last time I tried washing with baking soda it didn't rinse out was all filmy and gross...


I only wash my hair two or three times a week anyway but it seems like it greasy all the time right now. I recently tried doing conditioner washes and that looked good for the first day than it was greasy again. I don't brush my hair much maybe that is a factor?

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Glad to see this thread is back! I started trying the no poo thing last year but quickly fell off the wagon. I want to do this again but haven't gotten to it yet. Because of finances we'd started using cheapy shampoo/conditioner here recently but I bought the Tresemme "Naturals" again the other day to at least get some of the chemicals out of our hair. I'm going to start out lessening the amount of shampoo & conditioner I use and how often I shampoo so I can hopefully start the no poo again soon. I love the idea of the no poo balls! That would make things a lot easier. The time spent fixing up the regimen and the transition phase did me in last time so I'm hoping to be better prepared this time. My kids rarely use any shampoo so I'm hoping I can transition them a lot quicker. They'll be glad for that anyways. I'm going to order us natural hairbrushes to start using also and see how that might help. Thanks for the suggestions!



P.S. There use to be a great thread here about no poo that was stickied back before the forum layout changed. I wonder where it went to... anyone know? I'll have to try to hunt it up later.

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