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Ruby and Chiro- I miss Mardi Gras! One of my favorite parades, Muses, is rolling tonight. We used to ride the street car down to where they stopped it at the parade route, so we could have the early experience and get home at a decent time. We never missed Muses or the Saturday parades. MG itself we always went to the Quarter. I feel like i'm missing some great costuming opportunity, being so obviously pregnant, lol.

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well I made it to thursday, but just barely!  Nothing much exciting going on here, unless you count searching for a new washer and dryer exciting...


I'm having lots of contractions, a mix between bh and full on cervix opening real ones...I swear before labor starts I'll be at least 5cm.  Not to mention, every time I stand up I feel like this kid is just gunna fall out of my vagina.  Talk about a full on waddle, he's so low in my pelvis, its ridiculous.    I'm eating like crazy, mostly because someone put a chocolate heart shaped cake in my fridge in addition to the 2lb box of chocolates from dh.  I am quickly beginning to resemble a beached whale...ugh.  I really feel like we wont see much past 36 weeks, which is 2 weeks from tomorrow, and theres so much to do here at the house.  It's an absolute disaster, and the lack of a functioning washer and dryer are not helping the situation.  


i did have one really good thing happen this week.  I mentioned a while ago that we will be moving the office to a bigger space soon.  given that dh is still waiting to hear from the feds, I had to back pedal a bit with the landlord because I no longer knew (and still don't know) where I'll be living come next December.  So everything was on hold for a while.  Well, I called him Monday and suggested a month to month lease with no buildout.  he agreed.  we met on wed to finalize, at which point he offered to do the buildout even without the 12 month commitment, which was a huge relief because i was really struggling to figure out how we would utilize the space effectively without it looking like we had just "thrown the place together." so that's kinda made my week :)


i hope you ladies are all doing well and that the stresses of life give us all a reprieve soon!

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clouds are great. we painted our kids room (originally a nursery for our biggest) with a blue ceiling and clouds...but we painted the clouds, we did not fabricate them, although those ones are so pretty!





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I'm heading to Idaho for the weekend, my last trip before this baby is born. I'm excited (and kind of wishing I knew what I was having so I could take advantage of all the President's Day sales.) I hope everyone else has a relaxing long weekend. 

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...wondering how expensive mailing a box of mardi gras beads to Hawaii would be...? because you know, if you leave even one strand of the darn things in your house they breed like rats


My daughter marches in the independent parade, the last one to run on Tues (here not NO). Have to call her Dad and make sure he is taking her..the idea of crowds and port a potties is not currently appealing


My 23 year old step son is back in town, his birth mother threw him out and he had to quit school and come back. I could so slap someone over this. So I have to find him a place to crash...due to the divorce not being finial and my ex being the special individual that he is, he can not stay here.


Chiro..Im getting there myself. I seem to have until 4:30 and then my pelvic floor muscles quit on me. I have to beach myself like a whale. Blessed are the redbox movies, as we are generally a no tv house, and it is hard to read while laying on ones side.

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Wow, I feel like a lot has happened in the past two weeks. i've been reading and keeping up but haven't had the energy or time to post anything. DH's grandma was buried last week Thursday and with all the stress and being outside in the cold, I am sick again. I think I've only been healthy about a week so far this year. I'm also planning and throwing a baby shower for two ladies on Saturday. Really hoping I feel better in the morning otherwise it's going to suck for me.


Other than that, nesting has kicked in full force and I can't seem to stop cleaning and organizing even though I have no energy and feel like crap. Last night I did my bedroom and bathroom while DH watched. I wouldn't let him help because he wasn't doing it the way I wanted. Anyone else have to clean after their SO has cleaned an area? My DH will clean but he does it so quickly that nothing is ever clean clean. It drives me insane.


Looking forward to the weekend. I hope you all have a nice, stress free weekend to wrap up this not so great week.

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I have mostly been hanging out in the crafty/knitting area of late because that is about all my brain has been able to manage recently.  orngtongue.gif  This introvert is becoming even more reclusive!  LOL


Anyways, things are starting to get better around here.  The colds seem to be at an end, and DD's mystery (Fifths??) illness has finished.  I went and did the 3 poke glucose test, and it went better than I expected because the lab was really good... though I still look like someone has been roughing me up with all these nasty bruises.  I got the results back late last night and I got one high result (though I don't think I actually failed it) so no GD label for me!  biggrinbounce.gif  I might take up the midwives on the offer to have me meet with a nutritionist anyways to get some glucose minimizing tips, but I honestly think I don't need it.  Now I'll just try not to think about the future GBS issue for a few days and enjoy this small victory. rainbow1284.gif

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Belacmsage- I totally understand! When DH cleans he picks up each thing and walks over to me and asks what he should do with it. I tell him just make a pile but it always seem like I end up taking over and doing it all myself. Lol. That might be his plan. smile.gif


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I'm *hoping* I'm the only one here who's suffering from PUPPP - aka "pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy" - aka THE WORST ITCHING ALL OVER YOUR ENTIRE BODY!!!


It's horrible. It started with a little itchiness on my belly which I thought was just our cold winter weather combined with stretching tummy skin. Then it started spreading to my arms and thighs, and now it is seriously the craziest, itchiest, bumpiest rash covering my whole body from the tops of my feet to my neck. I want to just crawl out of my skin!!!


Anyway, I *think* I may be on the right track with some treatments my midwife gave me. I'm hoping I've already hit the worst and things will start to clear up. If not, I'm going to have to knock myself unconscious for the next 7 weeks.


Here's what my tummy looks like:




And this is *everywhere*. Legs, feet, arms, hands, butt, back...everywhere. It just sucks so bad.


Okay, sorry for the pity fest. I know things could be MUCH worse (I keep reminding myself of that!) I just needed to vent. Thank you for letting me.  =]

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miss_honey that looks miserable!!!! so sorry for you! you are completely entitled to a pity party, at least for a few minutes!  


I stood up this morning and thought, yep, this is it, he's actively falling out of my vagina NOW.  of course, sad for me, he didn't, (cuz wouldn't that be easy), but all day i've been waddling around uber uncomfortable as i try to find a new washer/dryer that will handle the massive laundry my family creates while not breaking the bank, all the while chasing my "not feeling so well" 3 year old... 


dh works today from 9am to 2am, so it's going to be a long day of going it alone today.  i hope you ladies are doing well and finding some time to relax!

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I hear ya chiro.  When did you say it will be "okay" for babe to arrive?  I'm thinking they wanted him to stay in a couple more weeks, but can't quite remember....


melissa, that looks miserable.  My best friend had PUPPS with her twins, but she only really suffered for two weeks or so because they were born at 35 weeks.  I hope you're finding something that brings relief!


hazelbranch, hooray for no GD!  I didn't notice the reclusive feeling last time until the last week or so, but this time I have no desire to do anything except clean and piddle around the house.


jennyvangy, the pres day sales will definitely be tempting.  I really have nothing to buy though, so I guess I should refrain.  Maybe a new car seat for DD so we can pass hers down.  I think I'll try to stay home and avoid the temptation.  Hope you enjoy your trip!


I know I needed to respond to others from the last page, need to go back and remember.


As for me, I saw a chiropractor for the first time EVER the other day, and I'm so pleased.  My hips and pubic bones feel awesome, despite sleeping in DD's toddler bed with her last night for 3+ hours.  It was sort of intimidating, honestly, because I was raised that chiropractors practice voodoo (no offense to chiromama or anyone who is into voodoo, but you know, it was just taboo).  So happy I went!


33 weeks today and so far so good.  DD and I are counting down the time in terms of "holidays": her cousin's first birthday party, St. Patrick's day (which we don't celebrate, but they will at her preschool I'm sure), then possibly Easter.   For those who do secular Easter and are due around that time, are you doing an easter basket for the new baby?  I know is sort of ridiculous, but if the new babe is here before Easter I want DD to see that the Easter Bunny knows about her. My EDD is 4/6 and Easter is 4/8, I think.


Now DD is losing her mind over something, will be back later....



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We do secular Easter, but I hadn't even considered involving the new baby. DH cares way more about Easter than I do (my big day is Halloween) so usually it's up to him.

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Chiro- I hope that you get some rest and that would make me very anxious. I hope your little boy can stay in a while longer. And good luck on the hunt for a washer and dryer!


miss_honey- Oh that looks so miserable! I hope the treatments that your midwife gives you start working soon!


hazlebranch- Yay! I know that is a weight off of your shoulders!


justKate- I'm glad you enjoyed the chiropractor appointment! I used to go to one but haven't been in years. I plan on seeing him again after the baby is born. I won't be going an Easter basket for DD unless she is here by then. We don't really celebrate Easter. My birthday is the 10th so that's our holiday for the month.


AFM: DH and I decided yesterday to pull DSS out of daycare. He got in trouble Wednesday. He called a little black girl the "n word" and the owner texted me about it. In the text she said "I know that some people may use this term at home but it is inappropriate and you need to have a talk with DSS today."  I immediately called the daycare after I got the text and talked to the other owner. Apparently DSS said it, realized what he had said and then said, "No I didn't say that." Three times. There were three teachers standing there who heard it and said his name after he said it, but they didn't put him in time out or have a talk with him about what he had just said. So DH picks DSS up later that day and is asking him what happened, before they are in the car and some workers were offended that DH was asking about it. That night DH and I talked with DSS and told him how we don't say bad words and that they can hurt someone's feelings. DSS understood and has since not said anything. DSS is not a kid to say bad words as it is. We are not racist, actually I was so upset by the whole ordeal that after I got off of the phone, I burst into tears. We have close friends who are African American and we NEVER use that word at home or at all. I couldn't believe that she insinuated that we did.


Then Thursday morning I get another text from the owner that says, "You need to call me when you get a chance." I call about two minutes after I see the text and ask what is wrong. She says that my DH "did not smile and was very unfriendly while dropping off DSS today. He gave the workers dirty looks and then stared through the window at them after he walked out. This is just drama that we shouldn't have to deal with and if it's going to be this way, you should just find another daycare." I was blown away. DH is number one, not a morning person. He doesn't feel the need to be happy go lucky. Plus he was starting his new job that day and ready to get to work. I told the owner, "DH isn't a morning person and he was just trying to make sure that DSS was ok." I apologized (for what I honestly don't know) and assured her that I would talk to DH. 


DH and I did talk. He said he went to look at the window because DSS knocked on it to get his attention (DSS does do this). DH has one of those faces that people think he is angry when there is nothing wrong and he is actually in a great mood. We thought that they were blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Her comment that we should find another daycare made us very upset. DSS has never been in trouble before this time and they didn't even talk with him or explain to him why his words were hurtful at the time. DSS has also since starting daycare  hit himself in the head when angry, used the words "stupid" and "shut up" (he never said that before), and been on sugar highs when he comes home ( the idea of a snack is jelly beans and cookies). So we decided to put him on the waiting list for another daycare that has been open almost 15 years and we have literally never heard anything bad about and we have family member who have their kids there. I texted the owner and let her know that he was not coming back and she didn't even ask why.


So today DSS and I have played, broken in the new double stroller (it was 56 degrees here!), ate good food (oatmeal, yogurt, apples, cheese, and a ham is cooking for dinner), and taken a nap together. I have missed my little boy and I am glad he is home. But I am feeling pretty annoyed/angry/ betrayed by the owner. I have known her all of my life and our parents are best friends. I can't believe that one little incident got everything blown up and now we are on the waiting list for a new daycare. But I wasn't about to send DSS back after what had happened and take a chance on him being mistreated.


Valentine's Day was great. DH got me roses and the movie Bridesmaids. I bought him the new Twisted Metal game that he has been waiting for. I got a nap that day and that's about it...


Going to go finish up dinner and try to keep on top of these weekly threads a bit better. Have a good night ladies!


Sorry this is so long, I just am still fuming about the daycare....


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OH MY Goodness...pupps looks as bad as the poison ivy, at least I knew that would go away. You poor baby you have my utmost sympathy, not that it does a heck of a lot of good


I can't mange to clean, although I'm getting half hearted nesting feelings, I usually fall asleep before I get a chance to deal with it.


That daycare sounds just awful, I hope you hear from the new place soon. they didn't think he was smiley enough...seriously. they need to get a grip


My baby shower is a week before I am due, so I am trying not to buy anything, and then panicking that I won't have anything, then realizing that I don't really need anything..over and over. Im on the hamster wheel of crazy over here.


I would get a little basket with some booties or something in it, you could always un easter it if it turns out you don't need it and magic easter bunnies can be very important. I am actually due the day after easter, but my kids are all old enough to have figured out who the easter bunny is though they still play along...




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Miss_honey - vent away! I can't imagine having to deal with that too! I hope that you find relief soon!


Chiro - be gentle with yourself. I hope that your little one stays put as long as needed.


We celebrate Easter here. I am due on the 7th but am pretty sure that I'll go late. Last year I started a knit bunny tradition. This year my bunnies are miniature so I am making one for the baby, born or not.  



Cseky - I'd be very p'od in your position. Really, the daycare workers sound hideous and I wouldn't want them to watch my children anyway. Good luck trying to figure things out!


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Miss_honey that looks so uncomfortable, I hope the cures your midwife recommended really do work.


Kate- we do secular easter and honestly until your post I hadn't even thought of it AT ALL. Is it really the 8th?  Gosh I will have to think about it after my oldest's birthday, everything will be thought of AFTER March 5th.  Baby will get a basket if she is born though. They will all get pitiful small baskets this year  I imagine.


Cseky- that whole thing sounds terrible. I had the hardest time fining a day care back when Oldest was in daycare. we ended up having to pull her from one (and I got in trouble at work b/c I had to take off a week until we could get into a new one), what total buttheads they are being though!


Ruby_ I am right where you are regarding nesting. i want to clean but I haven't yet and the house is looking so terrible, it doesn't help that the laundry has been unhooked for over a week (Hubs stayed up late hooking it up, but I will have to point out to him that I can not possibly fit between the 2 machines. They are set up strange because the washer now drains out the future drain for the future master bath shower and the dryer vents out a small opening in the wall hubs left for that specific purpose.) and there are piles EVERYWHERE!


so yesterday I picked up zantac, my heartburn was so bad I could not take it anymore. I had heartburn while hungry, after eating yogurt, just always. took it for the first time last night, I hope it works.


today is my girls combined birthday party and I woke up before 6 am to make cupcakes since my dog ate 11 while I was out of the house and I had just had enough cupcakes. There is so much to do and I am stressed about the party and not sure if we will get it all done in time. yesterday it rained so I hung the pinatas we are making up in the bathroom, turned on a space heater all day long and the exhaust fan. (it is not in any way shape or form heater weather, I was wearing shorts and a tank top yesterday. In any case I should get off the computer because I have more cupcakes to make, frosting, I need to paint the pinatas and make tons of sandwiches...and the party is at 11....oh and I feel like a total ass because the kids have been talking about the party to kids who weren't invited and one parent even asked about it. I almost want to facebook update, "I am sorry if we didn't invite you to the party, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that we can barely pay our bills"  In many ways I would like to stop doing parties but my kids really love them, it doesn't help that I feel guilty about most things.

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Miss Honey that rash puts my annoying eczema into perspective! It must be so terrible!  Hope it clears up or at least calms down.  


Cseky I can't believe that daycare!  Sounds like moving your child to another one is the best option anyway.  


As for easter, we do a little in the house egg hunt, a couple small gifts (like new crayons and paper and a book) and then have a dinner with a locally raised and smoked ham, which is what I look forward to since it is one of my favorite meals.  I might have the easter bunny bring something small for this new baby, although my due date is the 26th so it is unlikely he will be here that early.  If fact, DS asked the other day about when Easter was and I said, it is in the spring, and after he comes it will be time for the new baby!  


Things here have been pretty good this week, we are heading out today to watch DH's youngest brothers high school basketball tournament game, which should be fun.  I'm just glad to bet getting out of the house.  DS is going to stay with DH's mom (his brother is his fathers and step moms son) and we are just going to take DD to the game, it will be nice to have some one on one time with her, I'm trying to make an effort to do that since there won't be much of it when this little one arrives. 


I've been sleeping so much these days, not great quality sleep, but a lot of hours.  I took a hard solid 1.5 hr nap yesterday and still slept 7.5 hrs last night.  Non pregnant I usually need 6-7 hrs, so this is a strange thing for me.  I dont' remember being this tired in my previous pregnancies, I remember having to rest, but not sleep.  I've also reached the point where I can't eat full meals without being uncomfortable, time to switch to eating a little all the time.  Overall though, I'm not miserable yet, which is all I can ask for!

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Sorry I haven't updated at all this week...I've been feeling a bit anti-social...I think it's sort of like what Ashley was referring to (although I've never had it before). I don't want to go to class or shopping, can barely even stand to have friends over, just want to cuddle and read. I told DH I feel like the mother cat whose running off into the woods to have her babies in private :p


Melissa, I'm SO sorry about that rash, it looks horrifyingly uncomfortable. I hope you're finding some relief!


Valentines Day - We didn't do much, mostly because our anniversary is the day before and because my (unacceptably) long labor started that day. We'd done flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and steaks the night before. For Valentines we only did some small gifts and DH got me a card and chocolate (really extra sweet since we weren't going to do anything).


I did find out that I have hypoglycemia (maybe explains some of my depression this pregnancy). As we get into the whole labor thing I've gotten nervous about old due date vs new due date, and the potential for having a 34 weeker at home, so I've been over analyzing all our "data" including taking my blood sugar to ensure that large baby (guesstimated at 7-8lbs right now) was not due to GD. My numbers yesterday were in the 70-80 range two hours after high carb meals!!! Never experienced such a thing in my whole life, and CERTAINLY not during pregnancy.


All in all it's been a nice week and I can't wait for this prodromal labor to kick into high gear :p

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Cseky, that daycare situation sounds absolutely awful. Ugh. I'm not a happy go lucky person in the morning either, especially now. People just need to deal with that.


I heard PUPPS was bad but YIKES!


Last night I got a preview of labor. No contractions, but DS was moving constantly and so hard that I couldn't sleep through it, it made me twitch, and I was having to switch positions every 30 seconds or so in order to deal with it. Several times I wound up in the "open knee chest position" which was about all that felt good, and i believe is supposed to help turn a baby from posterior to anterior. Either way, this kid was trying to rearrange my insides at 1am and it was obnoxious. I'm a bit sleep deprived, and DD has been really hard to deal with lately, so cranky on top of it. Here's hoping I get over this funk this weekend.

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Honey bee- awful! I have a rash that looks like that on my lower legs and lower back but it varies in itchiness. What remedies do your midwives recommend? I hope it is feeling better!


cesky- I am so sorry, that just sounds so hard and definitely don't think someone should be judged for not being a morning person. I am sure where ever I go before 12 I seem like a mean person lol.


sunflwr- me too. I am an introvert to start with and I am definitely getting to the staying in and nesting phase. I am trying to still get out to see people but now it takes effort. I didn't get this way until the last two weeks with DS so this is earlier for me.


zuzu yay for no GD! Hazelbranch- yay for no GD and for not too bad of a time getting blood out of your veins.


Thursday- how was the bday party? I am sure your daughters appreciated it and it does get so stressful, hopefully you are resting now.


ruby- your cycle of wanting to get things then waiting bc of the shower then starting over again was hilarious. I am in the same boat.


jenny- have fun shopping! I want to see pics of what you end up getting!


Justkate- I remember my first chiro visit. I was so apprehensive and now I love it, I am glad yours went well!


Well, I was getting ready to update about stuff here but DS and DH are literally walking out the door demanding we go get some dinner. I am getting spoiled today, I got my hair cut and I get to go out to dinner!





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