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oh flavorfull let's see the new cut!


the birthday party was great. There are these amazing trees by the park shelter we rented and the kids climbed trees, played in the creek, played tug of war...which we didn't plan, they used the rope we brought to hang the pinatas. It was a bit lord of the flies and totally awesome. I stress out and worry before every party so it's a really good thing we combined them into one and I think I will continue to do that every year. I'll show you all some of the pictures once I upload them. My friend was saying she has just read an article about how kids don't play enough and they need it and how they don't get much inter generational play and the the parents, especially the dads where all into playing with the kids. PLUS the super cool thing about having the party for all three of them is that people spend less money per kid on presents for the most part. so they end up getting stuff like art supplies, coloring books and smaller neat things. Which is great, i was a little worried about the amount of presents we might end up with, but it wasn't overwhelming at all. I think this was my favorite birthday party ever, even if I was up so early making cupcakes and my ankles were killing me by the end. Looking forward to next ears combined party.


snflwr- sounds like a rough night.


zuzu- my mom used to have hypoglocemia, how does it effect the pregnancy?

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Courtney, so glad the birthday party was a hit.  Now time to recover!


cseky, the whole situation with the daycare is unacceptable.  They're supposed to be professionals, right?!  I would have pulled him out too.  I remember saying the F word at dinner one evening when I was about 8.  I heard it from the neighbor who was 3 years older--remember the movie Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead?  There's a line that goes something like "don't F with the babysitter...." I didn't know any better.  Good thing it was at home and not religion class at my Catholic school. bag.gif  Really, as professionals they should be better able to handle that sort of thing.


zuzu, funny about the cat mama analogy.  I told huz before DD was born (maybe 2 days?) that I wanted to go dig a hole somewhere and crawl into it and wait for her to arrive.  Weird how the subconscious works.


flavorfull1, I second the haircut photo request!

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is it sad that the biggest thing happening on my saturday night is contemplating whether or not to purchase a new washer/dryer..especially considering i am currently in the midst of the largest party in the US (mardi gras??) 


and I am with all of you who are feeling anti-social.  I don't want to go anywhere, or do anything.  i just want to prepare the nursery, get the birth supplies ready, find a diaper bag (please, o please, may that search end soon...) and ultimately, wait... for how long, though.  I'm 34 weeks now and don't really feel like things are progressing too quickly, so that's good.  I finally feel like now that dh's part of mardigras is over, we can actually start to prepare for baby boy.  


so sorry for those of you dealing with stress. Cseky, I can't believe a professional organization doesn't have a better way to handle what can only be described as "kids being kids" they say stuff they don't understand, they don't mean, etc and the only way to change it is to talk the child, and if they are that ill equipped to talk calmly to a child about choice of words, then they're not worth using anyway.  obviously, i've never met you in person, but you don't come across as a person who would use that language or promote the beliefs it stands for, so i can't imagine people who've actually met you assuming the worst.  it's pathetic.  and, um, your dh isn't "happy" enough at drop off?? seriously??? I can't even begin to respond... so sorry for your stress.  enjoy your extra special time while DSS is on the waiting list.


well, back to my exciting life i suppose... happy saturday ;)

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I just read through and caught up with everyone's posts. (on my phone, better than nothing) I've been in a car all day, and studying, and have lots of stuff due at school this week. Missing checking in with you all more often!
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